One Night


James and I were married five months later in a church. And it had been the most perfect wedding, the type that you only dream about. Yes, the planning had been stressful, but with a lot of help from Kristy and my mom, we were able to pull through. Anna had been particularly excited because she got to be the flower girl.

"Nervous?" My mom asked as I looked at myself in the mirror once again. Kristy had gone outside to make sure that everything was running smoothly so it was just my mother and I in the changing room.

"I can't breathe," I responded, smiling teasingly. But it was true. My heart was pounding so hard that it was difficult to catch my breath. I only hoped that I wouldn't faint.

"Well, I'm sure James is equally as nervous," she assured me. There was silence as my mother put the finishing touches on my hair. "There, you're ready now."

Just then Kristy burst through the room in her gown. "Everyone is ready. It's going to start soon and they need you outside."

I let out a whoosh of air and nodded, feeling sick as I stood up. I was getting morning sickness again which could only mean one thing.

I was pregnant…again.

I almost laughed; James didn't know yet. But I would make sure this time that he did.

The rest of the ceremony had gone splendid. James happened to be a lot more nervous than I was, but we just smiled at each other as we said our vows and I knew everything would be all right.

Later, when James found out that I was pregnant again, he was both very ecstatic…and very horny. Oh, God…great sex…

I sighed as I looked over the backyard of our beautiful two-story house. Anna was playing with her little brother and I was watching them from the balcony overhead. Giggles filled the air and I laughed softly when Andrew fell down, but then popped right back up.

I felt arms wrap around my waist and I leaned back to put my head on James' shoulder.

He kissed my neck. "I think everything turned out wonderfully, don't you think, sweetheart?"

I chuckled and slapped his head from behind playfully. "Do you know how much pregnancy fat I've had to loose because of you? I had to stay away from ice-cream for a couple months!"

"But it was worth it, wasn't it?" He was referring to our children and I nodded happily. I fingered some of James' raven black hair and I turned in his arms to hug him. I eyed his five o'clock shadow and he grinned naughtily.

I smiled. "Why didn't you come to bed last night?"

"I overcame some of my writer's block and got inspired," he said proudly, kissing my hair.

"Hmmm, I'm glad," I said, inhaling his scent.

I was the happiest person in the world. Of course, James and I still fought, and it was mainly about Anna. I would yell at him and he would yell back. He always pulled the 'well-you-didn't-tell-me-about-her-anyways' thing all the time. I think he still feels a little snubbed even today, a few years after our marriage. But we still loved each other, and we would always love our children.

I sniffed his shirt again and he tugged me away playfully, "You know, sometimes I get the feeling that you only like to hug me because you want to smell me." His blue eyes were sparkling.

I mock gasped and slowly inched forward to him. "Why, James, I would never do such a thing. How could you even think tha-," he kissed me and pulled away.

"Hmm, works every time to get you to be quiet," he said, laughter in his eyes. I was still slightly distracted from his kiss and I blinked a couple of times before glaring at him.

"Well, I feel loved," I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

He came forward a little more and pressed me against the balcony railing, "Hmm, you are very loved."

He dripped his head and our lips met slowly, softly. I melted in his arms and wrapped mine around his neck. But before it could get anywhere further, we heard gagging noise below. "Ew, mommy, cut that out," pouted Anna. She and her brother had their necks craned up toward us and they had to yell.

I laughed and James waved at her before kissing me soundly again. He just pecked my lips. Anna made a disgruntled sound but then she yelled, "Daddy, come give us a piggyback ride!" Andrew made a noise of agreement as best as he could.

"I think you've spoiled her," I whispered to James.

"Yeah, I know darling. But no need to be jealous, your attention comes later tonight," he growled in my ear.

I felt my cheeks warm up and I pushed him toward the balcony doors. "Go give your daughter and son a piggyback ride before I jump on you myself."

He grinned and I felt my knees go weak.

I watched his backside as he retreated form the deck and out the master bedroom doors. I sighed happily and watched as James appeared in the backyard and started playing with our children.

I never would've guessed that I would get my happily ever after.

But I guess I did.

The End.


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