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Chemistry is a huge waste of my time. I don't even know why I chose to take this subject.

Okay, maybe because I'm forced to.

Yup. That would be it.

Ms Barkingham looks as if she's suffering from some kind of horrible skin disease. I wouldn't be surprised, seeing as she's constantly trying out some beauty product or other. Or that's what I heard, judging from the school's grapevine.

In fact, I think I could practically count the spots on her mottled face from here.



Jenny nudged me in the side. "What the hell are you doing?" she muttered.


"Seeing how many spots she has." I whisper back.

"Clertvil! Winston! Five marks deducted from your assignment for talking!"


See. She hates me.

I counted to about fifteen spots and gave up. From this distance it's kind of hard to spot those markings on her fat face. Whatever.

I consider being able to count about fifteen spots is good, seeing as I have perfect vision unlike some of my other less fortunate friends. Unfortunately this means that I have to wear the assigned goggles during Lab Sessions.

Which are slippery and oily and covered in goodness-knows-what from people's faces.


That, my friends, is why I absolutely hate Chemistry Practical Lab Sessions.

While I was immersed in my deep thinking about why I cannot stand Chem lessons, a commotion was going on two rows down and one seat across.

I only realised the attention had shifted from me when I heard the loud ear-splitting shriek that carried across the classroom and attracted loads of head-turning.


"Geez, woman!" I complained loudly as my eardrums burst from the window-shattering, ear-splitting scream that emitted from my seating partner.

Shelly smacked me on the back of my head. "Idiot!" she yelled.

I let slip an amused quirk to the corners of my mouth and received another loud smack, which made my poor ears ring even more.


Ouch. That was definitely the final straw.

Out of my eye I spotted a raging Ms Barkingham, her speckled face a nice mottled red that definitely didn't complement her features.

Shelly froze. "Um… um… but-" she stumbled over her words.

"OUT!" Ms Barkingham bellowed.

Shelly trotted outside meekly, shooting me a glare that promised she'd get me back later. I smirked as widely as I could.

A paper ball bounced off the back of my head. I picked it up and unfolded it.

what happened?

I scribbled back my reply and tossed it when Barkingham's back was turned.

fun happened (:

I heard the snort Fila gave when she scanned my reply.

don't be an idiot, tell.

I turned around and stuck my tongue out at her. She chucked an eraser at my head, which missed by a mile. I sniggered.

"TEAL! CLERTVIL! Both of you would do WELL to stop FLIRTING in my CLASS!"

Two things happened with that yell. The first was that a boy walked into the classroom. The second was –


Fila's eyes got really really really big.


Oh shit. Oh shit. Ohshitohshitohshitohshit.

I must really practise my aim, I swear.


Her lungs are mighty powerful, I must say.

I picked up my notebook, letting my stick-straight black hair shield my red face. I happened to glance up under my bangs.

The boy was staring at me. I took in the well-defined jaw, the tanned skin, and a pair of forest green eyes. I even noticed tiny shades of many different colours in his orbs, and nearly lost myself in them. However the next thing quickly brought me out of my reverie.

As our gazes clashed, I could swear he winked.

I made out of that classroom as fast as I could.


My day was going really well. Note the sarcasm.

Anyway, I was just strolling into this classroom where Ms Barkingham, the crazy old hag who happened to take my Year Four class for Chemistry, when all of a sudden I heard yells and some object came flying towards me.

I let out a yell of my own as the thing careened off my head.

The next thing I knew, this skinny Year Two girl was grabbing the notebook off the floor.

She had her head tilted at such an angle that I knew she was trying extremely hard to hide her face, which was obviously blushing under her tan.

I noticed bright blue eyes peeking out at me from under dark bangs.

Hey, she was kind of cute.

I couldn't help myself. I winked.

Apparently I startled her or something, because she took off for the door like a million bees were chasing her.

Smirking to myself I turned back to Ms Barking Nuts, who was currently glaring at me.



Ugh. I feel like I just ran a marathon.

Lol, okay not so exaggerated, but still.

My heart was pounding a million miles a second, my face was tomato-red and I was having difficulty catching my breath.

I swear I'd had a heart attack when that boy winked at me. That wink had contained tiny little bits and pieces of emotions, and it'd almost seemed like we shared secrets noone knew about. And I'd spied something that somehow made my heart stir.

"Um, are you alright?" Shelly's voice sounded in my ear.

"Fine, fine," I assured her, leaning against the windowsill and opening my textbook so I could peek into the classroom as she was doing.

"C'mon," she said briskly, pulling me into a corner near the classroom. I fervently hoped Barkingham wouldn't miss us.

"So." I heard her say in that tiny mischievous voice she always uses when up to no good.

"He's pretty cute, isn't he?"

My thoughts drifted to a certain green-eyed boy.

"Mm… yeah," I said rather dazedly.

Then I snapped out of it. "WHAT?"

I heard a soft peal of laughter. "I knew it!" Shelly did a mock jig , punching her fist in the air. "Tomboy Fila has finally gotten herself a crush! And no other than on the new principal's son!"

"I do not!" I jabbed her in the ribs. Then it came to me. "Wait, what did you say? The new principal's SON?"

Huh. I'd heard of him before. Some guy who was supposed to be such a genius that he'd been placed one class before the other students. Not to mention he was the new principal's son, which you already know.

In other words, William Predillsky, the brilliant boy that'd recently transferred into our school. Fifteen and apparently quite the looker, I'd heard from the rumours. And I'd thrown a notebook at his head.

Wonderful. Someone please kill me now.


I strolled out of the classroom lazily, my mind only on one thing. The slight girl that'd sent her notebook flying into my head.

I shook my head amusedly, remembering the way she'd turned a pretty shade of red under her light tan. And her eyes. There were something about them I couldn't place.

When our gazes met, I'd felt something there. Chemistry, perhaps?

I laughed quietly at the thought and then paused when I heard female voices.

There was a loud shriek. "WHAT?"

Quiet laughter. "I knew it!" The other girl jabbered excitedly. "Tomboy Fila has finally gotten herself a crush! And no other than on the new principal's son!"

Curious, I inched closer, peeking around the corner. I instantly recognised the notebook girl.

"Wait, what did you say? The new principal's SON?"

The corner of my lips turned up. I didn't know I was that invisible in the school.

I heard a sigh. "You are absolutely hopeless, Fila. You haven't heard the rumours around school?"

Fila. Quirky name, but it suited her. I jotted it down in my memory before making my entrance.

"Apparently not," I said, stepping into view.

The other girl paled, and Fila looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"Don't you know eavesdropping is rude?" she finally said.

"If it concerns me, I'd be most interested," I replied smoothly. "Especially if the speaker in question is a cute girl who has a crush on me." I saw her flush.

My next action startled me as well as them. I bent down and pressed my lips to her flushed cheek.

Damn chemistry.


I nearly well received a heart attack when he stepped out from the corner. A thousand curses were flying through my head.

I came up with a lame comeback, but it was his next remark that made me blush furiously. I was so glad I had a tan who could hide blushes pretty well. My whole face was burning.

And then the next thing that happened made me heat up even more. He quickly bent down and kissed me. On the cheek.

And I couldn't help thinking, Maybe Chemistry isn't so bad after all.