Sugar Sugar Fly So High

A/N: i was overwhelmed by the reviews to this former one-shot. by showing my appreciation, here's an add-on chapter for those of you who wanted to know what happens after chapter one. i was wondering whether i should make this a full-fledged story, but decided against it. HPHP and CAR are already making me rather busy, so i'll just leave this as a short story for now. enjoy! :D and thanks a lot to all those who reviewed. i appreciate your comments.


"Oh. My God."

I smacked myself mentally as the words left my mouth, taking with them the lips of the boy who had been kissing me. On the cheek, folks, don't get any naughty ideas.

I waited a minute and took a lovely long breath of (gasp!) marvelous life-saving stale air.

"WHAT THE HELL?" I exploded, spittle flying everywhere. I was careful not to let too much go onto that boy's face. After all, he'd just kissed me.

BUT. Here is the but.


Okay, so maybe it wasn't on the lips. It was still a kiss.

Damn him.

Damn him and his green eyes.

… Those eyes which are ever so entrancing and pretty like swirling whirlpools that draw you in and let you drown in …grass…

Yeah, I aspire to be a poet.


"Oh. My. God."

I pulled away, my lips quirking into a little half-smile.

One moment of silence, in which I took the opportunity to really look at her face.

It was slightly angular, with a stubborn chin and full mouth. Her hair was the kind that best fit the description of stick-straight, and it was in a plain straight cut, below her ear-lobes and about an inch above her shoulders. Her eyes were still one of the most striking features. They were an intense bright blue, and the edges were flecked with azure.

"WHAT THE HELL?" she shrieked, bombarding me with flying spittle. Okay, not so attractive, uh.

I backed away, a fearful look on my countenance. Maybe she'd gone crazy. Or maybe she was already crazy in the first place.

Bad, badd idea to kiss her. Bad Willie.

Silence for a minute.


Uh… was she absolutely conkers?

"Eh… I kissed you?"

She let out something between a squeak and a growl, and lunged at me.

Rabid dog alert.


"YOU! YOU IDIOT!" I shrieked, pummeling him with my small fists.

My anger and my frustration at this utter jerk who had so carelessly taken my first kiss (even though it was on the cheek) went into the punches I dealt him. He winced.

Ha. See my amazing karate moves and die, you wimp.

Asshole. Jerk. Moron. Stupid idiot. The list goes on.

And he's still standing there smiling at me with those stupid entrancing green eyes of his.

Shut it. Shut it before you go nuts, Fila. I shut my eyes and took a long, deep breath.

In and Out.

"YOU JUST TOOK MY FIRST KISS!" I wailed at the top of my lungs, oblivious to the fact that everyone within the nearest few blocks could hear me, including Mrs. Barkingham and my classmates.

I am well sure that I completely, utterly, destroyed his eardrums. And Shelly's.

I'd nearly forgotten about her, in fact, until she clamped a hand over my mouth in an act of self-defense.

Let me put this straight: I really, really do not like people interrupting me when I'm saying something.


"Eww!" The girl whose hand had been muffling Fila's voice pulled away said hand, and glared at her in disgust.

"You licked me, you horrible freak!"

Fila grinned at her innocently, apparently forgetting my presence at that moment.

"Tastes like sugar. Were you eating M&Ms again?"

Her curly-haired friend rolled her eyes. "God, you are so gross. Grow up."

Then, seeming to realize that I was still standing there, she blushed and ducked her head.

"I'm going to have to scrub my hands. See ya!" and she happily skipped away, leaving the both of us alone.

I couldn't help it. I raised a dark brow.

"Are you cannibalistic?"

"Yeah, how'd you guess? You look good enough to eat." Fila said with astonishing bluntness.

She clapped a hand over her mouth and I watched as her eyes went big.

"Did I say that out loud?"


Deep doggy doo.

My mouth is working overtime today. I seriously need to borrow some scotchtape from CJ and tape it shut so I'll be able to make it through the whole day in peace.

"Yeah, you did," he said with amused eyes.

I really should cut down on sugar. It's a drug that makes me go nuts.

And I realize I just said that out loud again.

"Yeah, I know," William said, again with the smiley eyes. I wish he'd turn them off, they can suck me in until I don't know anything.


"Well, I could shut them if you wanted," the jerk said dryly with a hint of humour.

Mmph. Grrf.

Stupid traitorous mouth.


She looked pretty cute trying to stop her thoughts from flowing out of her mouth, I couldn't resist.

"D'you like sugar?" I asked, sidling closer.

She blinked up at me. "Yeah," she said, and then the rest of her sentence was cut off as I pressed my lips to hers.

I'm on a roll.

Sugar high, definitely.


"D'you like sugar?" he asked softly, moving closer. Danger alert.

I blinked, fast.

"Yeah," I said, and was going to ask him whether he liked it as well when he kissed me straight on the mouth.

Okay, I take back what I said. I don't regret getting my first kiss stolen away.

Especially from someone who tastes like chocolate.

Sugar heaven.

With a dash of that thing called chemistry.

Ohh, I can see this going somewhere.