Ode of Otero Otters
By Trang An

Like an otter in a stream, we flow along in our own river of life
Once in a while, we'll end up in a lake with others unlike ourselves
And we gradually become friends no matter the strife

Playful as otters are, we can still have the capacity to care
To help each other through thick and thin
To always be there

As we swim through this lake called Otero
We live, we learn; we have fun
And drink alcohol by the barrel

We have our crazy moments and our sad moments
We even have our awkward moments
But they are all times that we make golden

As Oterans, we became a family
We are brothers and sisters through and through
But there will come the time where we will have to leave

As Otero lake comes to an end
We separate once again into our own streams of life
Yet we all know that someday, we'll meet again

And until that day comes, let us not forget the times we share
The times we get angry, the times we cry, the times we laugh
And the kegs that went bare