My Last Lullaby
By Trang An

Xiaolong, my little iguana that you are
With your sky blue head and forest green body
You scratch me up and climb my arm
Outside your tank, you become lively

I give you baths you will not take
I take you on walks during the day
Cuts on my arms that you make
I forgive you all the way

I feed you veggies and even more
I cradle you in my arms as you sleep
It's you I always adore
In my heart, it's you I will always keep

Potty-training you was fun
Watching you climb things was a nice sight
I take you out and let you bathe in the sun
You've always liked the light

You'd take naps on my tummy
And listen to the lull of my breath
Bananas were your favorite, very yummy
Not once were you afraid of death

I was yours and you were mine
You cheered me through anger and sadness
You felt the tears I cried
I loved you like a baby and nothing less

But now you're gone and I'm alone
Tears rain from my eyes
I feel that your death is something I have to atone
I feel the sadness in my sighs

No iguana can ever replace you
I can never think of doing that
You loved me with all the things I do
And I loved you enough to make a napkin hat

Goodbye my little baby
Farewell my pet
So long my little iggie
Towards heaven your course is set