Upon a mountian top she stands,

Knife to throat, and gun in hand,

Rope around her tender neck,

Tears in eyes, shes such a wreak,

Poison coarsing through her veins,

Causing her to go insane,

"I'd die for you" is all she screams,

She wants to die, or so it seems,

Toes on edge, Life on line,

She's convinced herself shes ready to die,

Swaying on the brink of death,

All you hear is ragged breath,

But she turns around, and walks away,

In this world she now wants to stay,

But slip and stumble, and so she falls,

"Help me! Help me!" she so desperately calls,

But no one comes, and its far too late,

She has already fulfilled her twisted fate,

"I'd die for you" she can no longer scream,

She wanted to die, or so it seems.