Prologue: POGA

I suppose you could blame it all on me and Diane. Most things get blamed on us regardless of our actual level of responsibility in the matter. But this one... This one you could trace all the way back to a single Instant Messenger conversation:

Dee: I'm so obsessed
Renee: it's sad but true
Dee: it's pathetic. I'm pathetic
Renee: lol. Me too. We should start a support group
Dee: totally!
Renee: a twelve step program. Pathetic Obsessive Girls Anonymous
Dee: POGA. it's got a nice ring to it

And that was the start of POGA. It's not that we were really obsessed or pathetic or anything like that, it was just funny. One of those jokes that got out of hand. After that first conversation, Diane's sister joined and we got ourselves a message board and everything. A real, honest to goodness club. We weren't trying to start anything serious; we just wanted a place to have a good time. A safe zone. Friends with the same interests who we could trust to never think less of us and love us for our quirks. That's what we were about. I don't think any of us ever thought it would amount to anything more than that. Asian paparazzi target? Definitely not part of our plans. But somehow... Well, fate had bigger ideas than we did.

Author's Note:

To everyone that I promised I would never take this story down, I apologize. Out of curtesey to the real people that inspired some of the characters, I am removing this story.