Only forever
by: L. Lazuli

I miss you…

Like the flower misses the rain

During summer,

And how the sun longs for the moon,

Running, running after her

For only forever.

There are things that's hard to admit,

Like how both you and I don't fit

Or like we can never really be together,

And there can be no 'happily ever after'.

Not a day passes that I couldn't see your lovely face

That even during my darkest days

Your smile would set things right again

And a light of hope will fall upon my heart

And tell me that it's alright.

Not a night passes that I couldn't think about your beautiful eyes

They are among the crystals glittering in the heavens above.

The moon bows down to your sparkling eyes

And stars fall when you smiled.

And I am still


Just hoping, you'd come back.