Falling Apart: Chapter 1 - Life in a Nutshell

By: lilallaboutme

Author's note: There are 3 main points of view throughout the story. Some P.O.V.'s are going on at the same time. Get it? Hopefully, because the last thing I want is for you to be confused!

Hazel's P.O.V.

My life is officially falling apart. I know you probably don't want my life in a nutshell, but I'm going to tell you anyway. Warning: This will be a huge nutshell! Let me start with my family.

I have the worst family that anyone could have. My parents are always fighting. (Especially since my dad lost his job) It's the same way with my brothers and I.

I have two brothers; Nolan and Candan. They are total opposites, which makes them fight even more.

Nolan is your typical jock. I know he is a loving brother really, really deep down inside though. He plays almost every sport, is captain of the football team, and is really "popular". His girlfriend is also the coolest and the prettiest. (Or so everyone says) I would just say his girlfriend's a snobby, wannabe, everything has to be perfect kind of girl. I would say that if I wasn't Nolan's sister, I would hate him. He acts so stuck up at school. He calls himself stud. One day I came up with the nickname spud, and that's pretty much his name to me now. He hates it when I call him spud, but I do it anyway.

Candan is what some people would call a dork. I would call him unnoticed. So what if he technically only has one friend? He's a good brother. Besides, it's not like I'm any more popular.

Chris, Candan's friend, is really nice. Chris isn't unnoticed or unpopular. His mom used to be a teacher at our school. If they didn't know him enough for that there's always what happened to his sister.

Audrey was my best friend. She was my only real friend. Well, there's no easy way to put this. She was killed in a school shooting. She took 2 bullets to the chest, and I had to watch the whole thing. 32 students died, and many others were injured. It may not seem like much to you, but to me it was mass murder.

And do you know why all this was caused? It was all because some screwed up kid's parents broke up! He couldn't do anything about it, but he did. Like any kid would, he got mad. Too mad. So, he got a bunch of his friends together. He decided that it would make him happier if he could take his pain out on other people. So what better than to shoot the school down?

It's bad enough that they took 32 people's lives, but they also stole my one and only friend. I had to watch my friend die. It still haunts me. They think they know what pain is, but they don't. Pain isn't your parents breaking up. Pain is watching your friend die. I know that there is pain when your parents break up, but it's not like you can't see them any more.

It's just so hard to believe. Well, after that my life pretty much shut down. I couldn't eat, sleep, and I could barely talk for a short while. Then my parents took me to a doctor. He referred us to some shrink. Her name is Miss Oxford. She's nice, but talking won't help. A lot of the time I make up stories so she'll think I feel better. But even listening to what she has to say for the fake stories makes me feel better. I just don't like being open. Especially after what happened to Audrey. Now, the shrink visits me at my house every week to make sure I'm doing ok.

I haven't been allowed in school though. It kills me not to go. They say that they want to make 100 percent sure that I won't freak out and stuff if I go back. They said it could set back the progress we've been making. I could care less about the progress. I know that it will take a lot of time to heal, and I know I will never completely heal, but if I could go back I think it would help. You know, one of those things where you go back to the scene to let everything out. I've been out of school for about a month and a half. I need to go back. It's something I want to do. The shrink won't buy it, yet she buys all the other crap I feed her. Maybe...maybe I should just tell the truth. No. I'm fine. I don't need her help. I can do it on my own if only I could go back. I think...

Nolan's P.O.V.

My family is like the worst. We are all always fighting about something. I have a brother and a sister. I don't get how one sibling can be so cool and gorgeous and the other two turn out like unpopular, ugly ducklings. But, I'm glad it was me who got the looks of the family.

I hate it when my parents fight. Well, all of us do. As soon as we here it we retreat to our rooms to try to drone out the sound. It's not like they're bad parents, but they usually don't agree and their personalities clash SO much. I don't think their fighting is anything that serious though. They just squabble over silly things.

Candan is, well, a dork. No wait, he would probably be more like, well, yeah a dork. Chris is his only friend. I don't get how they really became friends though, I mean Chris has an alright social status and Candan is just in loser city.

Hazel is my sister. She isn't really a dork or a loser though. She just doesn't have a social life. She's one of those really shy girls who just mopes around in the background. Especially since Audrey died. I felt really bad for her though. I mean it was her best friend and she was really shaken. She had to get a shrink and everything. For a moment I figured she would have some mental breakdown or something, but then mom and dad told me she'd be just fine in no time so I stopped worrying.

Let's talk about me. Well, I have a 3.5 GPA, I'm captain of the football team, and I have all the looks. I am like the king of the school. I have the perfect girlfriend, Jessica. Her eyes are perfect, her body is perfect, her hair is perfect, heck, even her name is perfect. Candan and Hazel hate her, but I just think they're jealous that they can't ever have perfect anything.

Candan's P.O.V.

Well, what's to say. I have a mom and a dad. They get into it over the stupidest things.

I have a big, egotistical, good looking, popular, jock for a brother. I really don't enjoy his company and I think his life is all big, blown up, and fake. But, even through all that, sometimes I wish I could be in his shoes, just for a day, to feel what it's like.

I have a little sister. Well, she's only a year younger than me, but she's still my little sis. She's kinda like me. We both just go unnoticed most of the time. The only reason we ever get noticed is because of Nolan. Even at home sometimes. Mom and dad's fighting usually distracts them from paying attention to anything, and when they do it is usually Nolan. Of course, I think they are pretty worried about Hazel. I mean after what happened. It was pretty much like losing 3 people. I mean with Audrey of course, and Chris was really torn up for a while, then Hazel. Hazel really isn't what I would call a friend like Chris, but we hang out together sometimes and we don't fight as often as anyone else in this family.

That's pretty much my family. You probably don't care about me. I'd just be more of a bore than my family.