Yeah,I know, yet another story by me. I can't help it! I love writing stories, and I just don't like writer's block. Once I get writer's block, I have to start a new story. It's my writing cycle, or something like that.

Anyway, this story was inspired by how sucky my life was being up until school ended. Almost all my characters are based on someone who is in my sucky life. The main character is based mainly on me and how I was feeling before school ended. Yeah...

Anywho, enjoy ! And be sure to look at some of my other stories if you haven't already. I really recommened Demon's Friendship.

Started: June 6, 2006

Finished: June 14, 2006

Full Summary: Chloe's best friend Lauren just tried commiting suicide. Luckily, she was saved, but Chloe is distraught over the whole ordeal. She seeks comfort in her two other friends, Lucy and George, to find they want nothing to do with her. Borderling suicide herself, Chloe finds comfort in the person she least expected it from--Logan, Lauren's older brother. Through thick and thin, Logan stands by Chloeamong all the drama in her life.

Among All The Drama

Chapter 1

"You know," Chloe Frogg giggled, licking chocolate ice cream off her middle finger. "it's a proven fact that chocolate is good for you."

The boy behind the counter of the ice cream parlor rolled his eyes. "Please enlighten me, oh wise Froggie."

Chloe ignored the fact that he had made fun of her last name again, and continued. "Chocolate always loves you back, Logan."

"Was it scientifically proven?" Chloe nodded, licking her ice cream cone while gazing up at the boy through her eyelashes, a particular habit of hers when it came him. "By who?"

"Me, of course, you moron." Chloe was the one to roll her eyes this time. "And all the other chocolate lovers in the world. Which is basically ninety-eight percent of the world's population. Or, by my standards, ninety-eight percent of this city. You really should pay more attention to people around you, Logan Anderson."

The boy shook his head, a cold smirk glued on his face as several locks of chocolate brown hair fell over his blue eyes. He nodded to the entrance of the parlor. "Lauren's here now, so go away, you chocolate-crazed physco."

Chloe gave him a salute as she walked towards the girl waiting at the door. Turning to the girl, she giggled, "Your brother is such a moron, Lauren. He doesn't think chocolate is any good. I just wanted to tell him how important it is to like chocolate, but being the moron he is, he just doesn't listen." Chloe sighed and handed Lauren the ice cream cone in her other hand. Jerking her head back to the boy washing the countertop, she said, "It's a present from him. I had to pay for mine."

Lauren laughed, yelling a thank you to Logan before she turned to her best friend. "I heard you saying something about chocolate loving you back. Did something happen with George?" Chloe waved a hand at her, telling her to be quiet as she peeked over her shoulder to see if Logan was watching. He was.

Sighing, Chloe whispered, "Let's go outside. I'll tell you all about it." Lauren obeyed and they went outside into the humid June air. Sitting down at one of the picnic tables set up around the ice cream parlor, Chloe licked her ice cream cone and stated, "George asked Lucy out today."

Lauren nodded, biting a chunk out of her cone. "Did she answer him yet?"

Chloe shook her head. "No, but it's pretty obvious that she'll say yes. They've been hanging out so much more often lately. Lauren, this bites worse than a rattlesnake."

Lauren shook her head and laughed. "I thought you didn't like George."

"Well, I had to say that to get your brother off my back. He's too overprotective of us girls, you know." Chloe giggled when Lauren agreed with her. Sighing for the nth time that day already, Chloe said, "I guess it doesn't matter whether or not if I like him anymore. He likes Lucy, that's for sure. Now, onto the next topic of the week. How have you been?"

Lauren's blue eyes were downcast as she said that she was fine. She looked like she wanted to say more, but instead took another bite out of her melting ice cream cone. Chloe dismissed her friend's odd look.

It was like that almost every weekend they saw each other. Since Polar Ice, the ice cream parlor, was closer to Chloe's home, every weekend in the summer (sometimes the winter if it wasn't too cold) she'd walk down and buy an ice cream for both her and her best friend Lauren Anderson. Two summers before Logan Anderson had applied for a job at the parlor. This summer was going to be his third summer working at Polar Ice. He often gave the girls free ice cream cones, or let them let them stay after closing time to help clean up. Since Lauren lived farther away, she would come by the local bus or have Logan drive her when he went to work. After they both arrived at the ice cream parlor, they'd talk about things that had happened in the week and all the big dramas in their life. They'd either stay at Polar Ice the whole day or walk down the road to Overlook Park. It was a great way to catch up, especially because they were busy during the week and they went to different schools.

The two fifteen-year-olds talked for most of the day. When noon came around, they borrowed money from Logan and went down the street to buy some sandwiches at Jan's Deli. From there they went to the park and made fun of most of the people on the beach that the park overlooked (hence the name Overlook Park). The time spent between the two of them was a happy time, one that could be ruined by nothing except the prospect of having to leave each other to go back home before it became dark (a rule conveyed by both of their mothers and enforced by Logan, who would usually come down to the park and escort them both home in his pick-up truck).

But that particular day, Lauren said she had to leave earlier than usual. She had a softball game at five, which meant she would leave at a quarter to four to go home and change into her uniform, then be at the field half an hour before the game actually started so her team could fit in some pre-game practice.

As Chloe watched her best friend leave, she pouted. She never liked sports, excluding running and swimming, and she had always accused them of stealing away her favorite people. Both Lauren and her other friend Lucy were in softball and never had time to hang out because there were always games and practices they had to attend. George usually went baseball and football and soccer games, and whatever types of games there were to see. Logan was on the track team at the local high school, not that she cared, of course (Lauren forced her to attend every one of his meets and had bought her chocolate ice cream in return after every meet). Even her own father was the coach of a basketball team.

She sat on one of the many swings throughout the proximity of the park. Swinging slightly in the smooth breeze, she looked at the ground. It was at times like these, like after Lauren left for a softball game or when her friends left after some really great party, leaving her as the person to clean up the mess, that she felt terribly alone.

"Hey," a soft voice called out. Chloe looked up to see Logan walking slowly towards her. His hands were thrust deeply into the pockets of his light sweater. The boy wasn't wearing the teal-colored T-shirt all Polar Ice employees were directed to wear. He looked around her and didn't see his little sister. "Lauren leave already?"

Smiling brightly, Chloe pumped her legs to get the swing moving. "Yep. Did you get off work early? It's only four."

Logan nodded, his dark hair falling into his eyes. "The place was pretty much dead today." He referred to the term he liked to use when no customers were showing up at the ice cream parlor. "So…" He looked agitated as he tried to determine the best choice of words for his question. "Do you need a ride home?"

Chloe almost laughed. The perks of having a best friend with an older brother who had a car. Free rides anytime. Logan didn't really like her that much and he played up to the my-little-sister's-best-friend-is-such-a-pest role really well. The only reason why he offered a ride was because he knew Lauren would go ballistic on his butt when she found out he hadn't even offered.

"That's all right, Logan. I can walk home. I'm pretty capable of doing so." Chloe giggled. She jumped off her swing and waved goodbye to him as she headed for the road to her house. "When you get home, tell Lauren I can't wait to see her next week."

The great thing about the last day of school was the fact that there was no more school for the next three months. Chloe and her other two friends had always enjoyed that little fact, and it was a tradition for them on every last day of school to plan what they were going to do the day after the last day of school.

The year before, the three of them and Lauren had all taken the thirty-minute drive (Logan was their chaperone that day) to Osbourne Beach, a very popular and partially crowded beach. The best thing about the beach, other than it's clear, lovely water and pure white sand was that it was very big in size, meaning that even though it was very popular, there was more than enough room for all the people. They had spent the whole day at the beach, all three girls flirting with every hot boy that passed them, and the guys rolling their eyes in annoyance. Logan had left them after the first half of the day, taking his time to mingle in with the cuter, older girls that cooed whenever he passed them. The four friends had then buried George in the sand while he was taking a nap, and poured a bucket of sand over him when he woke up. Needless to say, George was not very happy, complaining all the way home that there was sand in his mouth and hair and pants. They had teased him about his complaining for the next few days after that, and when he got fed up, the girls proceeded to tease Logan about the seven phone numbers he had received.

Chloe skipped down the hallway of her junior high school to her last class of the day. She was going to physical education with her two friends Lucy and George following close behind her. Most days, the threesome would walk to their last class together, but seeing as Lucy had agreed to go out with George, Chloe thought she could give them some space. Besides, she was trying not to get her heart broken even more by watching them make goo-goo eyes at each other.

Chloe had known Lucy at the beginning of the year when George introduced them. She had met George two years ago, and had immediately fallen for his deep brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. Although he leaned more to the chubby side, it didn't matter to Chloe, for she thought his wonderful, nice guy personality made up for his size. She also liked the fact that he was two inches taller than she was (she liked guys who were taller than her, for some odd reason).

It had taken time for Chloe to like Lucy as a friend. Lucy was four inches taller than she was, which made her very intimidating. It also didn't help that her older brother was part of a ridiculous gang, and that she was almost as chubby as George himself, giving her the appearance of a mobster. Her brown eyes were always set in a glare upon seeing Chloe (or at least, it looked that way to Chloe).

When the three got to the gym, Chloe let out a cheer. Other students gave her strange looks, most likely wondering if she was high or something. Chloe turned to Lucy and George and asked, "So, what are we going to do tomorrow in celebration of school letting out?"

George and Lucy didn't answer, which made Chloe curious. "Come on, guys, we have to think of something before the day ends. And the school day will be ending in forty-five minutes. I suggest you think of something fast. Don't make me play the jeopardy theme." Chloe laughed evilly. They hated when she sang the most annoying jeopardy theme.

The couple looked at each other, but it was Lucy who spoke first. "Listen, Chloe, George and I planned something for ourselves tomorrow. You know, something for just the two of us." She looked over at George and smiled as he took her hand in his. Chloe almost gagged at their cuteness.

"What are you talking about? We always go somewhere fun on the day after the last day of school. Why can't you guys go after tomorrow?" I tried to beg for them to quit their plans, but they wouldn't give in. I gaped openly and cried, "You guys are ruining our friendly tradition. How will it stay a tradition if you guys don't commit?"

George looked down guiltily. "Well, maybe we could postpone it…"

"No!" Lucy cried out, smacking George's arm. Chloe winced. That looked like it hurt. Lucy turned to Chloe. "If you think we're canceling our date just to hang out with annoying people like you and Lauren, then think again. It's our first date since we hooked up, and we are not canceling it. Now—" Lucy was cut off by the bell ringing, signaling the beginning of the last class of the day. Chloe sat down on my seat on the bleachers.

She hardly listened as the teacher explained about what a fun year it had been with the class. She was stunned. Never had Lucy given an outburst like that to her. Chloe knew she was annoying at times, but never had someone yelled at her like that because of it; usually people just laughed at her troublesome disposition.

When the day was over, she didn't even say goodbye to her friends as she left for her bus.

The next day, Chloe was bored to tears. Since she and her friends weren't going anywhere fun, there was no fun that day. She moved around her house like a sloth, doing basically nothing. Never in her life had she ever been so bored.

Around noon, she had called Lauren, but no one was at her friend's house to pick up the phone. She sighed as she chucked the cordless phone across the room. There was nothing to do. She was so bored.

I'm sure Logan is working today. Maybe I can get some ice cream, she thought. When Logan had applied for the job at Polar Ice and gotten it again, she had made sure to copy his schedule and memorize it, just for the sake of free ice cream.

But when she got to Polar Ice, she found Logan wasn't at the counter. She asked one of his coworkers, but he said that Logan had called in sick that day. She walked back home dejectedly, thinking of other things that she could do to pass the time. Nothing came to mind, and that irritated her.

When she was three houses away from her house, she could see Logan's red pick-up truck in her driveway. Curious, she ran the rest of the way home. She found Logan knocking on the door. His back was turned to her, so he didn't see her arrive. Sighing in defeat, Logan turned to leave and stopped when he saw Chloe standing only a meter away from him.

"Hey, Logan," she greeted with more than enough happiness in her voice. Finally, someone she could spend the day with. And if he thought he could get out of spending the day with her, he was totally wrong. If there was one thing Chloe was talented it at, it was the art of persuasion. Although it didn't work on Lucy and George, it would no doubt work on Logan. There was that whole be-nice-to-your-little-sister's-best-friend-or-else-you'll-be-grounded-for-the-rest-of-your-life role he had to play up to. "I was just at Polar Ice. They said you were sick, but you look fine to me."

Chloe smiled brightly. Then she noticed something about the way Logan looked. Usually, he'd roll his eyes and give her his infamous smirk; there was no rolling of the eyes of infamous smirk. His strong arms would be crossed in an I'm-superior-to-you attitude; those strong arms were dangling at his sides in melancholy. His chocolate brown hair drooped over blue eyes laced with worry. He looked as though he were going to breakdown any minute. Chloe's smile faltered a bit.

"What's wrong? Why do you look so depressed? Stop joking around, Logan." She tried to shove off her worry with a small, nervous laugh. That didn't help at all.

"It's Lauren. She…"Logan covered his eyes with one hand as he shook his head. Were those tears welling up in his eyes? He ran his hand through his hair and looked Chloe straight in the eyes. "Lauren…she tried to commit suicide."

Normally, I don't write about things such as suicide, but I thought that I really needed to get some things off my chest, and decided to write my first ever suicide story!

I hope you liked this chapter. I didn't think it was very much. I'll try to get Chap. 2 up sometime if I have time this week to work on it.

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