You criminal—
do you not know the crimes you have committed?
Of course, I never told you I had handed you my heart—
but you turned and left and ran with it!
You burglar, you criminal.
And I'm aware that shackles of our love have never bonded you,
but – jailbird – you flew!
I know you never knew…
and still I stay a spy
and your every move is magnified
beneath my jealous eye.
An outlaw to a law my churning mind has just conceived—
now you are guilty in your ignorance,
you fugitive, you criminal.
You have the right to remain silent…
as you have for all my life;
every word you say is tortuous
for it is not for me.
You take without returning—
my mind,
my heart,
my soul.
My pockets picked;
free spirit raped;
my hopes left bruised and battered;
your alibi is flawless—
but is love by logic bound?
Endangered by your distance
I flee into myself
to find your fingerprint
on everything
that you have never touched.
And suddenly the power lies within the one accused,
unwittingly abused—
my love makes you a criminal.