Amor Incogitatur

Last night to you I gave my heart;
I played the doe-eyed damsel's part
with hints applied as appliqués
that decorate each word I say.
With I the girl and you the boy,
I'm properly both vague and coy
and artfully still translucent,
revealing bare my true intent.
Our thoughts are ordered, expressed so –
Love has fragile rules, you know –
and woe
be to those
who break them.
I stole the show
claimed the script as my own
spout words of love and devotion
while running
in the opposite direction.
We covered up the
awkward pauses –
did you see me check my lines? –
with romantic notions
for people like us.
We love
and remember
not to ask why.
I talk about
for if it's just
then I must know
and you might not be who Love says you are.
And you know,
they tell me
absence makes the heart grow fonder;
yet when you're absent,
I defy!
I deny
the bonds of a carbon-copied love –
I decry
the fate
that awaits
those who mistake
a stumble
of chance
for Love's approval.
And then you're back and I love you and deride my rebellion
as frivolous caution that I take
as if it puts my heart at stake
to idle in the comforts of
an ageless, faceless, endless love.