"The Quake Sets In"

By:Cassandra Freiborg 6-19-06

Throat tightens,

and the ground beneath me shakes,

oh its judgement day.

I knew that last glance was no good,

I should have never looked back,

I saw too much.

One last curse to end it all,

like a virus sent to obliterate,

I'm done for.

So sorry.

I wish I'd had the chance to say goodbye,

but you wont answer the phone,

so Im left in the dark,

with the diseases.

Choking the life out of everything,

they circle around,


Screaming liar liar,

they claw at me,

and I heard your voice behind me.

I should have kept my eyes on the enemies at hand,

but I turned around,

and saw too much.

Oh, its judgement day,

do I go or do I stay here to be eaten alive,

by my own doubts?

I knew that last glance was no good,

when all I saw yas you walking away.

And the ground began to crumble beneath me.