A girl stood

In a circular room

With a million and one books

Lined up

Never having been read

Save by the author

Shivers ran down her spine

As she imagined

Turning every page

Soaking in the words

Letting the knowledge become her

The dream was shattered

When he walked into the room

And held out his hands

In one was a ring

For her left hand

In the other was a key

To the door

Of the library she longed for

The girl looked at his face

Beautifully carven, wonderfully shaped

Hair in curls…

Then she looked around her

At all those books


A lifetime of knowledge?

Or a lifetime of him?


She reached out both of her hands

To grab both the key and the ring

But he closed his hands

His mouth formed the word


How long will she stand there?


Trying to choose

A lifetime of love

A lifetime of wonder

Almost regrettably

She took the ring

He led her out the door

And she stopped to look behind

A man stood in the room

Who had not been there before

Imperfectly perfect


One of the many books

And staring at her

At the same time

She tried to go back

But the choice was made

And she spent the rest of her days


What her consequence would have been

Had she stayed in the room

Instead of walk away