Sharp cheekbones that sculpted into a narrow but strong jaw- lined methodically with stubble. Lips a contrasting soft pink, the bottom lip possessing fullness, insinuating perhaps sensitivity. A Straight narrow nose that aligned with the cheekbones. And eyes.... deep piercing midnight blue eyes. Their gaze enough to stop the world spinning. Tough skin a melted brown encasing the bulging muscles. A moist covering accentuating the curves, lines and shadows of his body. He pulled his body up and above the bar, the muscles protruded bearing the strain with ease. His eyes were fixed disarmingly ahead, his lips set in a grimace. The shaven head added to the menacing figure.

She, peered round the corner. Her delicate eyes resting on his heaving torso. They slid down his torso, and rested for a flicker on the black boxers, then resumed curving their way down his muscular thighs. She was enraptured as she watched his feet float up from the ground.

Slowly. He moved slowly and her eyes covered him slowly. The light was dim and the shadows bright. Did he know she was watching him? Perhaps, but he wouldn't care because he had control of this situation. Her watching him and the movement of his packed body were what he expected. She didn't want to do what he expected but she couldn't resist. So magnetically attracting he was the negative to her positive.

He held his position above the bar, his head moved upwards and his eyes fixed onto hers. His expression was the same, yet a glint of darkness weaved its way inwards encompassing what looked a little like sick amusement. The expression was subtle but she could feel it propelling towards her.

He eased himself downwards and walked away from her. His broad back blocked her view invitingly. The back was as impressive as the front. A large expanse of bulk, the muscles each defined. The black swirling dragon that swept across his left shoulder blade. She wanted to reach out and trace it. She wondered how long he was going to play this waiting game.

As if hearing her thoughts he turned. The silver chain that hung around his neck glinted through the darkness. Intimidated, or something like that, by his gaze her eyes withdrew. They rested on the black slick object of a gun, lying lifeless on the side table.

"Take it." His dark voice cut through the air. His accent tinted with foreignness, an accent she could never quite place.

Her eyes remained fixed on the object. She wondered what it might feel like to hold it in her hands.

"Take it," his voice softened," and shoot me. Give it a go."

"I'd kill you." She murmured softly, her eyes intently fixed on the inanimate object. Although she wasn't looking she could feel his smirk, "You could try."

He was goading her, he wanted her to shoot, he wanted her to try. Part of her wanted so badly to disobey. But what did it matter he was telling her to do what she had always wanted to do.

An image spat into her mind. The crimson blood unfurling from his chest, the look of sorrow in his eyes and the feeling of exhilaration flooding her body.

She took the object in her hand, and rubbed the other over the smooth noir surface. She felt the cold weight sitting in her palm.

He hadn't moved and when she lifted the gun, he didn't flinch.

"Pull the trigger." She wanted to. She wanted to do as he said. Her finger curled around the thin piece of metal. Pimples surfaced her skin and her breathing quickened.

She daren't lift her eyes to his. She dare not lift her eyes. She could not. She would not. She did.

A mistake, or perhaps it was meant. She licked her lips feeling the power in her rising.

His eyes darkened. Her finger twitched. In a flash he grabbed the gun. A shot sounded deafening her ears. She fought him but she only ended up on the floor. His body pressed against her's almost painfully. He dangled the gun above her while holding her arms pinned together with the other arm.

Her face seethed with anger, and she watched as he tossed the gun away. It clanked to the floor.

"See I knew you'd never kill me."

"I tried to, I pulled the trigger. "

He smiled, "Yes, but you knew somehow I'd stop you."

Her eyes narrowed and she refused to agree with him, although she knew he was right. In the depths of her mind she had known he would intervene.

She heaved in a big breath, "Your despicable."

He chuckled, a low deep rumble that vibrated along her body. "You tried to kill me." He said. She didn't miss the tone in his voice, telling her if anyone was despicable it was she.

She struggled against his weight and tried to dig her knee into his groin. He trapped her leg between his own before she reached that part. "Easy now," his tone was casual but his eyes were hard.

She half growled at him, not bothering to hide her anger. "Get off me."

He smirked again mysteriously, "Why would I want to do that?" His weight increased on her and she felt her breasts push into her chest painfully.

"You're hurting me."

He released some of the pressure. "Better." He said as a statement rather than questioningly.

The heat from his body was beginning to ease onto hers. She could smell him, the smell of sweat, animalistic and dominant. It was fresh and was to her disgust somewhat arousing.

She levelled her eyes at him, and he stared back. It was as if they were in kindergarten, which could stare the longest. Tears prickled at her eyes.

She blinked. Warm soft lips were pressing against her own. Like a flame her body ignited to his kiss. She deepened the kiss a moment before she pulled back. "Don't do this to me," she protested weakly. His staccato breaths fell against her cheek; his body still lay hard against her. She closed her eyes.

The weight lifted from her. He was standing above her, menacing almost. Slowly she pulled herself up, her knees were weak and she didn't know where to look. Then his arms were wrapped around her and his lips nuzzled into her neck, turning the skin warm and her insides melted. He scooped her up in his strong arms and carried her through to the next room. It was how she remembered it, accept there was a log burning in the fireplace. It omitted a warm soft glow to the room. The bed lay proud and dominant covered in clean crisp white sheets.

He dropped her to the floor almost brutally. She regained her balance. His piercing gaze rested on her, waiting for her. Slowly she pulled her top over her head, it pooled at her feet. His eyes dropped blatantly to her chest. She could not tell if he was admiring her breasts or examining them like a doctor might. There was something sterile about his look.

She knew she shouldn't be doing this and yet she couldn't stop herself. She knew it had been a long time. But more than that, she felt an odd connection with him. Right or wrong, she wanted this moment.

She moved closer. His body was rigid and controlled. Taking his hand into hers, she led it to her breast. She thought she heard him inhale sharply, but her head was spinning. She felt his fingers dip beneath the lace of her bra and touch her. His skin was rough, but his touch was gently as he lightly kneaded her breast.

Desperately aroused she rose up feverishly to kiss him. Her hands roamed the smooth perfection of his ruggedly masculine body. He returned hungrily at her kiss, and she felt his body harden. Her breath mingled with his as she ran her warm hands over his naked back. His arms curved around to unfasten her bra. The black lace fell free, allowing her breasts to tease into his chest. He nipples hardened against his flesh.

He left her lips to trail his mouth along her jaw. Stars seemed to dazzle her sight as his tongue stroked the sensitive flesh there. He cupped her to him and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her towards the bed. Suddenly she needed him more than she needed to live. He jerked the covers off in one swift movement laying her down on the mattress. Her heart was hammering as he unzipped her jeans. The jeans floated away into the air and she groaned as she felt his warm hand touch her where she was on fire for him.

She arched her back and spread her legs so that he could ease the bittersweet ache that craved his touch. While his hand pleasured her, he pulled back slightly to look down at her face.

His eyes were no longer blue but dark and filled with passion. He removed his hand and she groaned. His lips descended on her nipple, his tongue rolling around it hardness. She gasped as his head lowered and he placed himself between her thighs. His hot breath scorched her upper thighs. She cried out in ecstasy filling the room with light. He took his time pleasing her. She had never felt so desired as when she was with him, so needed as he did and she didn't understand it.

Thoughts and feelings swirled through her mind as his tongue pleasured her with deep, probing licks. And when she came, a startling white filled her vision.

Her eyes were searing as she sat up slowly like a hungry lioness. She crouched on the bed and matched his gaze. She jumped at him rolling him onto his back, pulling at his boxers. He didn't argue as she freed him. She felt his body stir as she cupped him. She paused to look at his face, and for a moment saw the real emotions.

He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. Any doubts about how much he wanted this were discarded. It did something to her, made her feel tenderness for him that she wouldn't have thought possible.

He lifted her up and then set her down on him. She leaned forward on her hands, which she had braced against his chest, as she rode him slow and easy.

He arched his back to drive himself even deeper into her warm, wet heat. Her lithe body slid sensuously against his, and she could feel his body coming to life. He threw his head back as he came in a fierce wave of pleasure. When his gaze met hers, she trembled.

He cupped her face in his hands, and then gently pulled her forward for one of the sweetest, most tender kisses she had ever experienced from him.

She smiled at him as she slid slowly down his body. She lay in the bed, his bed, with his scent strong in her twirling head. His naked body wrapped around her comforted her racing heartbeat. Her head rested on his biceps while his breath tickled her neck.

She fell asleep with the sensation of his hand gently stroking her hair while he whispered softly to her in a language she didn't understand.

He felt her relax and a small smile curved at his lips as he remembered the way she'd made love to him. He would remember her forever. His eyes struggled and soon gave into fatigue.

When he awoke in the morning she was gone. He walked into the empty next room and pulled himself up onto the bar. He heaved himself up and down methodically, almost lifeless.

AUTHORS NOTE: So I am screwed, I should be revising but I could not get this out of my head. So here is a short story, with several ends remained untied. I've never written a graphic sex scene like this before, so I hope it works. Anyway I have so many random short stories on my computer, that I am going to start uploading them in here. Tell me what you think!