I lost the favor of the king and he locked me in a tower.

I built him a labyrinth for his beast and it was flawless; still he locked me in a tower.

He guarded me by land and sea but my child watched the gulls,

Gulls and birds and creatures of the air.

Minos did not watch the air.
I built my child wings of feathers and wax, feathers and wax

And warned him of his frailty.

I built my child and myself a future and we jumped, his face flushed with flight

My son was like a bird, an angel, a thing of clouds and light

Swooping diving soaring

And all was well.

"Fly not my son too close to the water, for the fog shall clog your wings.

And fly not too close to the sun, for Apollo's heat will melt them."

I had kissed him and sent him off into the currents of the air

I had kissed him and sent him off

Sent him off.



A child's thrill of excitement, he exalted in his freedom.

Apollo loomed and Icarus screamed, too high and far from me to hear

Leaving me alone in empty skies to search

Until I saw the feathers on the waves.

Floating, drowning, soft and helpless

And I buried my boy in an unnamed land and named it thus.



A father's broken love.