Meshed against the borderlands of will and wrong

Tripping in the thorns trailing from her mothers eyes

Her country's eyes

Her fathers eyes

Tripping tripping tripped

Into impossible passions




Daughterly love branded with duty and seared with the assumed PLATONIC.

Labels and labels and labels

Love fermenting in pools of guilt

Blood spilled before the wound was made

Shared blood;

Her heritage


It aches.

An End, she thinks, an end.

She will spare herself her pain and her father her shame

Two birds with one stone a sparrow, not a dove

But the maidservant begged her "no"

The maidservant whispered of a way

The maidservant led her to her father through the dark.

Now she thinks, It would have ended there, with the knife, if the maidservant hadn't knocked.

The maidservant who had raised her, loved her, taught her right from wrong.

It was Demeter's day and her mother was with the married women

Away, away, away.

And her nurse took night and made its shadow a disguise

Cloaking Myrrh in stars and velvet black to hide her from her father's gaze

Thus hidden he took her.

Secrets were not made for men.

Three days he waited, then he asked her name

She would not say.

Four nights he waited, then while she slept he lit a candle

Firelight shone cold upon her face

Cold upon the sword he drew against her, blood of his blood

His child, his joy, his late lover.

Myrrh fled.

"give me not life and give me not death

give me a tomb while I still have my breath

give me not mercy and give me not tears

give me a grave where I'll weather the years"

Meshed against the borderlands of will and wrong

Tripping in the thorns trailing from her mother's eyes

Tripping tripped and fallen

Roots twined round her heart

And now they call her myrrh.

how the gods loved trees

…trees and trees and trees

a/n according to the myth, she falls in love with her father and when she tricks him into sleeping with her he tries to kill her, but she runs away and the gods turn her into a myrrh tree.