I went swimming

in a dizzying sea of Absolut Apeach

and Bud Light

and all I wore was

soaking wet boxers and

tshirt wrapped around my chest.

Tanned muscles matched

eachother shake for shake

as she and I danced for


too close to be anything

but best friends.

Memories entwined

with the music on MTV Jams:

rap isn't my favorite

but it's slowly

encompassing my lust

with it's sensual words.

I went swimming

in chlorine:

playing get-eachother-wet

(both kinds)

and finding that

alcohol really doesn't affect me.

It was the:

2 ice coffee's

2 tablespoons sugar

2 red bulls

2 cokes.

Keep a tab on my life,

I'm not paying for these

beautiful mistakes

quite yet.