Never Forgot

I will miss you a little,

I miss nothing a lot,

But I want you to know,

You will not be forgot.

I cry at night,

Though you tell me not to weep,

You ask me to get some sleep,

But I can't help but release a small yelp,

I wish to end my misery.

My breath is ragged,

My heart is broken,

I tightly clench my last token.

In the game of life,

No one wins.

Your points are gone,

Before you begin.

No one lives forever,

No one does not regret,

I beg for your forgiveness,

I do not wish you to fret,

I think back on my past,

And I can't believe,

No matter what,

You always stood by me.

In my life,

I messed up a lot.

My life is now stuck,

In a giant knot,

The more I try to untangle it,

The more entangled it becomes.

Nothing is right,

All is confused.

I no longer know what to do.

It is now that I light the short fuse.

The tears on my face,

Are washed by the rain,

Extinguishing the flame,

Only my demise remains.

As I watch my blood flow,

I begin to cry,

And as I watch my blood flow,

The pain begins to fade into the day,

And I scream to myself….