I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this, but I like the characters. It's already a strange story with strange moods...so I guess I'll have to be in a peculiar mood to write this or something. >.> Anyway, tell me what you think.

Rock Candy

"Kane, get over here." my manager called. Putting my cigarette out in the dirt, I doused myself in body spray and headed over to her, smiling patiently. "Cut the crap…and speaking of crap, you smell like ass. Here." She groaned and pulled some Axe from her bag, spraying me with it. "Do yourself a favor and keep that." she suggested, handing it to me. Nodding, I ditched my body spray and slowly headed back to my trailer, where my hair stylist was messing around with his 'products'. I tossed the Axe onto the counter and leaped onto my bed, stretching my arms out. Cautiously, he turned and stared at me. Sparkly gloss shimmered across his lips as the light came in through my open door, and his white blonde hair layered around his face. Turning, he stepped into the light of the doorway and dealt with my makeup artist until she finally gave up and left.

"What?" he muttered as he noticed my staring, pulling open a drawer at my mirror and sniffing some ecstasy. "Kane, c'mere." he ordered, so I slowly rolled off of the bed and hovered behind him like a shadow. WE looked strange in the mirror. He bent over, sniffing E, and I stood right behind him with my hands planted on the counter. Somehow, it just looked like we fitted together. Heavy rings waded underneath my eyeliner and the cracks on my lips were visible even through my dark purple lipstick. My hair shaded messily over my right eye, but I could still see everything he did. "Your hair's a mess." he pointed out, and I nodded as I had just noticed it, picking at it here and there. "No, it looks good." he assured me, grabbing at the hairspray and turning quickly to spray me in the eye.

"Fuck, Poe!" I groaned, stumbling onto the wall and rubbing at my eye. "Shit, now my makeup's a mess, too."

Sighing, I shoved him out of my way and sat at the counter, grabbing an eye swab and rubbing at both eyes. Tensely, he kneeled at my side with his stick legs, picking the hairspray up again and spraying all over the back of my head, his fingers sifting through my hair. I wiped off my lips with the same swab and stared intensely at every inch of my face. "I can't go on stage like this." I realized, shaking my head. I was a mess, emotionally, and physically, and I would collapse into the crowd and die if they made me get up on that damn stage. Okay, that was an exaggeration, but if it meant not having to sing, that was fine by me.

"You've got a million freaking fans out there screaming your name and you're not going to sing for them because you look like crap? To them, you'll look like a god. The more torn up you are, the more it makes them cry and wish they could touch the broken angel. Shut the fuck up and get into the makeup trailer. Risu's waiting for you in there." Poe ordered, shoving my face into the counter as he took a few more sniffs over my neck.

"No," I groaned, "You gotta do something. I'll die." He stared lifelessly at me and lifted my face up again. "This…is the face of god." I laughed sickly, my hands on my cheeks. "Put it on a plate and eat it right up." I grinned.

"There you go! Now get your godly ass out of here and take that attitude to the makeup trailer." Poe pointed towards the door with an indifferent stare in the mirror and I nodded, stumbling towards the wall.

"Mm…" I moaned, bucking my hips against the wall. Poe grabbed me by the collar of my leather jacket and shoved me onto the door, letting me collapse in the corner against it. "Gimme some ass, Poe. Before I go on stage…I want some ass." I begged, clawing at his leg.

"You'd you have to clean up afterwards…I'm not giving you any fucking ass." he groaned, dragging me back onto the main floor and unzipping my pants. "Baby, what should I give you? A hand job? A blowjob? Mm…" he giggled, "I didn't know you went commando, Kane." he smiled, and I shuffled through his jacket, pulling out a cigarette and sitting it between my lips. "Need a light?" he asked. I shook my head.

"No, I just- I want it. Give me a hand job." I coughed, "And clean me up after. Come on." I ushered, pulling him down by the shirt. He smiled at me with hazy eyes and gripped my cock in his hands, sliding them up and down. "Enough to get me off, Poe...Jesus." I demanded, my cigarette bobbing up and down in my mouth. He tightened his grip and bucked his hips in my lap as I shoved him upwards and grabbed his ass. Pumping his hands faster, he lowered his lips to the tip of my cock and pushed his tongue onto it, lowering himself further. "Ahh…" I moaned, shifting my legs and releasing my hands from him, clenching my fists. I grinned and laughed, "Okay, get off me now. I gotta go." shoving him away, but he sucked a little longer and I let him. "Come on now." I murmured, shaking at his shoulder. Slowly, he slid his mouth from my cock and collapsed on my chest, knocking me onto my back.

"I don't want to…" he muttered, his eyes closed as drool dripped down from the side of his mouth and he licked it up again. I let him fall asleep on me and I rolled him over, zipping my pants up and kicking the trailer door open. Risu stood outside with her kit; eyebrows lowered significantly, breasts protruding from shirt.

"Hey babe." I grinned, twirling her in the direction of the makeup trailer and slinging my arm stealthily around her shoulder. "Did you hear something?" I joked, and she gagged, leaving my side and rushing into the trailer ahead of me. She muttered something like 'disgusting fucking selfish pig-faced bitch disgusting' before disappearing inside. She loved me. On my way to the trailer I was stopped once again by my manager. Females, right?

"You've got nerve ruining your face like that. Get your makeup on." she ordered, dragging me into the makeup trailer. Nothing exciting. Glamorous colors, none of which I cared for, were packed into little squares inside her kit. Eye shadow? Black. Blush? None. Eyeliner? Black. Lipstick? Hmm…dark rouge. A pale brush dusted across my entire face, and she finally began to apply the rest. Poe stomped up the stairs in his platforms. He'd put on a wig, and changed into some smutty leather. "Does he need to be in here?" my manager questioned, and I nodded as Risu plucked at my eyebrows.

"Come sit in daddy's lap." I demanded, but my manager grabbed him and stared impatiently in my direction. Beastly woman.

"You'll do no such thing. You're doing your bloody makeup, Kane!" she groaned. A cheap tag hung around her neck by a string that read 'Aimsley Harahan – Manager'. And underneath that, 'Association – Kane Campaign'. I'm on a campaign now? It must be a campaign for a better manager, if anything. She grimaced at me and folded her arms as if I was staring at her chesticles.

"Don't flatter yourself." I scoffed, shoving Risu away. "It looks fine now, bugger off." I ordered, shifting my hair over my eye again and fixing my lip ring. "Come on, Poe, I'll need you backstage." I winked, grabbing his hand and leaving the other two.

In that translucent white hallway, our reflections were clear against the floor. My bodyguards walked me to the end of the hall, and I headed backstage with Poe. I wanted to kiss him, but it might've ruined my makeup, so I licked his cheek and forced my arousal against his. We got excited before shows. He moaned in my ear and wrapped his legs around my waist. Others backstage stared, but didn't dare ask. Sucking on my neck, he bucked his hips against mine, the chains on his side jingling. I laughed and gave him my tongue to suck on, fucking him a few more times with my hips before releasing him and pulling myself together again.

Soon I was standing at the side of the stage and staring out at the crowd, my fans screaming towards me over my introduction from the tour's host. It wasn't my own concert, but some concert that was held all over America with all these famous bands. For some reason, they invited me to sing along this year. I don't think it's hit me yet that I'm famous, or I wouldn't be treating my faculty like shit. Sadly, that's a contradiction to most stars today. Before I knew it, my name had been called, and I was standing in front of a million something people hollering at me and dancing to the band.

"Hey guys." I grinned and waved to the audience, adjusting the microphone. "It's great to see you all! As some of you might know, this is the last show, and obviously my first year at the Band-AM tour. My name's Kane and this is my first single, Puppet Master. Bear with me…I just learned guitar a while ago. And I'd like to say before I start that the tour's been great, and you guys know how to make someone feel welcome in your damn country." I laughed, and the crowd went wild as the band started playing the song. I tapped my foot and the drummer counted me in.

Puppet Master

"I don't want to be your puppet,

But you're pulling at my strings.

And if you pull them hard enough,

You'll see some pretty things.

Underneath the gauze,

Underneath the metal.

Underneath my skin,

Is where you'll find the devil.

He's inside my heart,

And he's looking straight in your eyes.

He'll wait for you to come out and,

Hey girl, I've got a surprise!

I'm the puppet on your strings,

And if you pull them the right way,

You'll see some things you've never seen before;

You'll get to see me sing.

Baby, pull my strings away,

And you'll open up that door.

You'll see the feathers to my wings,

And you alone make me this way.

Just let me be a puppet,

And give someone else a turn.

If they get pulled another way,

You'll see me crash and burn.

Underneath the twist,

Underneath the turn.

Underneath my skin,

Is where you'll find the burns.

They're inside my heart,

And they mesh with your bright-lit eyes.

They'll wait for you to touch them and,

Boy, I'll make you die inside...

I'm the puppet to his strings,

And if he pulls them the right way,

I'll show him things he's never seen before;

He'll get to see my wings.

Please boy, pull my strings away,

And you'll open up that door.

You'll see the scars inside my heart,

And you alone can mend them now."

Waving, I breathed heavily and muttered, "You guys have been bloody awesome; expect me back next year. Thanks again, everyone!" I grinned, giving them a final wave and packing up with the band.

And the crowd goes wild.