I sit high and mighty

in the 4th position

the chip leader in the game of life

I have it all

And I'm going to win.

I look beside me at my opponents

trying to gauge their reactions to their cards

sitting on pocket Aces,

I knew i had them.

Slow play it

see how things go

the flop hits

Jack Deuce seven.

No help.

make a small bet

a few drop out

but two others stay in

then comes the turn

another deuce.

Two Pair?

Just getting better.

bigger bet

One more drops out

Faced to face with the one i love across the table

willing to make the sacrifice to see what the cards have in store

And then comes the River.... A Third Deuce.

A full house. I let a small smile

giving away my hand

but she stays stonefaced.

I bet it all

and feel confident that I know what I'm doing.

She calls...

It can't be...

She flips up her cards. Ace Deuce...

Four Deuces?

I'm defeated...

In the game of life... and love.