Well, yet another demon story. I just can't resist demons!

Anyway, this has some similarities to my other demon story, Demon's Friendship, but I can assure you that the plot is much, much different and more prejudice. I thought up of this story when I was learning about the Holocaust in English. So in a way, I guess it kind of resembles that dark time in history.


A War of Three Demons


Mica Gestapo watched as the priest held out the ebony chalice to her eldest son. Beside her, Lilac wiggled impatiently for the ceremony to be over. The six-year-old gasped in awe at the sight of the ungodly chalice and when Blaze Gestapo took a large gulp of the liquid from it.

"Blaze of the Nire Division, do you truthfully swear the oath of loyalty to your clan?" the priest asked, holding his hands over the nine-year-old's raven-haired head.

The boy nodded and spoke in his determined voice that astounded all of the council who were present at the ceremony. "I swear my blood oath to my clan, to rule my people with the respect sanctioned to them."

"And what do you bring your clan?" the priest asked, his hands still above the younger demon's head.

"Determination and vigor." The priest nodded and removed his hands from above Blaze's head.

"Welcome, Blaze of the Nire Division." He told the boy, bowing his head ever so slightly. The rest of the council present did the same. Mica nodded her welcome to her son and glared at Lilac until she did the same.

The priest moved to the boy next to Blaze. Briar Gestapo stifled the yawn that had come over him and tried to look more awake than he felt. The priest chuckled and held out the chalice to Briar. The boy did not take as big as a gulp as Blaze; he was not fond of human blood.

"Briar of the Niaf Division, do you honestly swear the oath of allegiance to your clan?" the priest asked, now placing his hands over Briar's head as he had done to Blaze.

Briar stood up straight after a sideways glance at his mother on the sidelines. He looked up at the priest with marvelous blue eyes and stated the same as his brother, "I swear my blood oath to my clan, to rule my people with the respect sanctioned to them."

"And what do you bring to your clan?"

"I bring thought and pride." The boy tried standing up straighter, trying to show the other demons present he could look as noble as his older brother next to him.

The priest extracted his hands and gave a small half smile. "Welcome, Briar of the Niaf Division." As before, the council repeated the saying and nodded their heads at the boy. Lilac would have yelled out a congratulations to her best friend, but Mica stopped her before she could go through with it.

The priest walked over to the next boy and gave a soft smile. Brio Gestapo was possibly the cutest demon four-year-old to live in the Styx. No one could resistsighing in awewhen the young boy gave a big smile that showed his front tooth was missing. Brio clutched onto the priest's floor-length robe as he took a small sip from the chalice and looked up wonderingly as the priest put his hands over his head. "Brio of the Oryd Divison, do you genuinely swear the oath of devotion to your clan?"

Brio nodded his head and started to repeat the line he and his brothers had rehearsed for just this moment. "I swear my blood oath to my clan, to rule my people with the respect sanctioned to them."

"And what do you bring to your clan?"

Brio smiled. "Wisdom and imagination."

"Welcome, Brio of the Oryd Division." The priest moved away from the three brothers and held his arms out wide. "This is the day of a new dawn, where our majesties shall commence to lead our clans on the journey of tomorrow. The Divisions will unite and bring forth the peace needed to renew the demon land. Bow down and honor our new masters, in hope they will bring about the safety and prosperity that we demons deserve. Let them guide us in the fights against our enemies and teach us the meaning of a new brotherhood."

The demons cheered loudly, and the brothers smiled at each other. Lilac jumped up on her chair and cheered for them, happy that she did not have to sit for such boring trials anymore. Mica gave a small smile and clapped for her sons. If anything, they would be the ones to rewrite the demon destiny.

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