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A War of Three Demons

Chapter 1

The Hunter, the Hunted, and the Heroes

The sirens rang throughout the dorm, waking Briar Gestapo from his slumber. He was used to such early morning interruptions and didn't mind a bit that he would be missing valuable sleeping time. He grabbed his boots at the end of the bed and shoved his feet into them. He had no need to change his sleeping attire, for it was the same thing he wore the day before. The open window had let in a draft, so he grabbed his overcoat and slipped it on as he left the room.

Other men, some younger or older than Briar, were gathering in the hall and rushing for the stairs. Briar hurried with them. Being an elite soldier, he had to be the first ones on the scene. He raced down the stairs, his long legs giving him an advantage over the other soldiers. He had always been told the length of his legs weren't of this world.

"What's with the ruckus this early in the morning?" a man almost two hands shorter than Briar asked. He was possibly the only one who could keep up with Briar.

The demon laughed. "If you can't stand the early morning ruckuses, then you shouldn't have become a soldier, Cullan."

The man named Cullan snorted as they reached a vault with a blinking red light above it. Briar looked at it and sighed, "This must be it."

"Of course it's it, you young fool." Cullan answered grumpily. To himself, he muttered, "Why they even let young people like you in is a mystery even to god."

I'm only four years younger than you are, Briar said in his mind as he ground his teeth together. He pulled a plastic card out from the pocket of his uniform pants and swiped it through the specially made locks for the holding vaults. The lock blinked green and the door slid open.

Inside were five armed guards struggling to put chains on the newest captured demon. But the captured demon was fighting back, proving to the guards that they would have a hell of a time trying to imprison it.

Briar walked forward, trying to get a good look of the demon when a hand clapped his shoulder. He turned around to find his sergeant grinning down at him. The sergeant was a man in his early fifties, with graying hair and a white mustache. He wore the regulated uniform, only his had several medals pinned to the lapel. "Briar, my boy, you're going to have a handful with this one."

Briar sighed mentally. He hadn't even seen the demon and already he was being given the honor of looking after it. "What have you learned about it, sir?"

"Female. Royalty by the looks of it." Briar would have snorted if it wouldn't have cost him his job. The sergeant knew nothing about demon royalty. Briar would know; he'd been there, done that.

"Anyway, we caught her off the borderline of the Styx. She was just standing there when our troops passed. Struggled a bit when he grabbed her but nothing more than that. Until now." The sergeant nodded at a man standing to the far side of the holding vault. "If she keeps on acting this way, we'll have to tranquilize her."

Briar mentally flinched. Demons did not like being tranquilized. That was why most of the demons being held in the vaults fought back. They wouldn't stand for being treated like animals. Been there, done that.

The demon started up again, this time more lively than before. Briar mentally flinched again. It knew he was there. And if the demon knew his scent, then it probably knew who he was. That wasn't good.

Out of the corner of his eye, Briar saw a hand shoot out from the pile of guards wrestling to calm the demon. It was by no means a human hand (the guards all wore gloves) and the nails were small, but razor sharp. But the hand clutched a tiny pouch that it dropped on the floor. With a tremendous boom, a blue cloud emerged. The guards stepped back, holding their eyes and coughing into their hands. A second glance showed that blood was slowly crawling from their mouths.

The sergeant started to make his way to the men now falling to the ground, but Briar held him back, saying, "It's too late. They're already dead."

The sergeant began mumbling curses. "How did that happen?"

Briar wondered the same thing. Not many demons got their claws on festerroot powder. And the ones who did were usually on the council or worked for someone who was on the council.

The blue cloud settled onto the ground and the fallen bodies of the guards. The demon lay in the middle of the bodies, panting after her ordeal. Her waist-length chestnut hair hid her face from view. She looked near the age of fifteen, one year younger than Briar. She wore a loose, floor-length emerald dress and no shoes. The only thing that hinted at royalty were the gold and silver bands on her wrists and ankles and the gold ring on her left ring finger.

A pair of chocolate-colored eyes peered up at him helplessly through the long tresses of hair. She brushed the hair out of her face to reveal a teeny nose and full pink lips set in a heart-shaped face. The lips parted and muttered, "B…Br…"

Another guard rushed up to the demon and Briar watched as he put the tranquilizer in the she-demon. Her eyes turned glassy but remained on him. Thankfully no one else noticed. I don't think they even heard her starting to say my name, Briar told himself. That's good. I don't need them to know I'm associated with demons.

But still, there was something about watching his former best friend being put to sleep that hit him somewhere deep.

"I have the reports right here, Your Majesty." The servant boy bowed, a sheaf of papers in his hand. He held them out to Blaze and the demon greedily snatched them out of his hand. He searched each paper thoroughly before tossing them back at the servant and sending him away.

Blaze slammed his fist on the arm of his chair making several demons around him jump. At eighteen, Blaze Gestapo was six feet tall with a somewhat muscular build and chiseled features. Like his late mother, he had blue eyes the color of a particularly nasty storm. He had inherited his reddish-brown hair from both his parents, along with his father's fair skin. His stance was intimidating to anyone who didn't know him and his attitude scared off anyone who did know him.

"Frustrated much?" a younger boy walked through the door. He was a smaller version of his brother. His face was a little rounder from his thirteen years, and there were visible dimples even when he was showing a small half smile as he was now. But their skin color was the same and his hair was just a tad bit lighter than Blaze's. Brio was only a foot shorter than Blaze but the clever, calculating gleam in his translucent blue eyes was just as intimidating as his brother's stance.

"Yes," Blaze answered with a pout. "The humans are trying to move in on our border. They're violating the Treaty of the Styx. If this keeps up they'll invade the villages along the border and make their way inward to the Heart."

"Well, that could be a problem." Brio added quietly. He tapped a finger to his chin in thought, a habit he had found long ago helped him think clearly. "Maybe you could ask the friars to raise the border magic more?"

Before Blaze could give his opinion, Brio answered his own question. "I guess not. That would drain the friars' magic level and leave us totally helpless if the humans managed to get past the border and into the Heart." Brio tapped his chin again but did not speak.

"You can think of a strategy plan later. Meanwhile, where is Lilac? I have some wedding details to talk to her about." Blaze gave a small smirk that Brio knew was the only kind of smile he could muster since Briar left.

"She told me she was going on a walk about the realms." Brio's finger left his chin and he answered sadly, "Which probably means she's at the border." Watching for Briar to come back, is what he would have added had Blaze not had such a bad temper when it came to their other brother.

"Which means she won't be back until late." Blaze sighed sadly. He also knew why his fiancée was at the border. Briar had left five years ago, one year after their mother died of a human raid in their home village. It had been the first of several attacks that prompted the Treaty of the Styx. Ever since that unfaithful day when Briar ran away, Lilac had waited by the border's edge, hoping he'd return with more common sense.

Blaze left out a harsh breath. What was he going to do until Lilac came back? Go crazy, he told himself. Go crazy from boredom and loneliness. Or I can just work on these stupid reports.

He shook his head mentally and got up from his chair. Why go crazy from boredom and loneliness in the monitoring room when he could do it in the privacy of his rec. room? The other demons monitoring the humans didn't even look at him as he made his way to the door. Brio followed his older brother with careful eyes and cleared his throat. Just as Blaze put his hand on the doorknob, Brio spoke out. "Shouldn't you be working on those reports?"

Blaze's head whipped around and he glared at Brio, who just flashed him his trademark smile. Little brothers were such pests.

Lilac awoke in a dusty cell. It was different from the place she had been brought to. They must have brought her to the cell after she was tranquilized. She growled, remembering the pain she felt when the needle pierced her skin.

"Better not do that here, girlie. It'll get you in trouble." An old, raspy voice chuckled behind her. Lilac turned her head slightly to see the old she-demon speaking to her.

"Why not? Growling dissuades the enemy," Lilac answered, placing one hand on her hip. Mica had drilled that into her head shortly after the brothers started their demon training after their initiation ceremony.

The old crone chuckled again. "That's the problem with you young ones. Too reliant on the new ways. No one likes the old ways."

"The old ways almost killed our species." Lilac protested. The after effects of the tranquilizer had no efficacy over her. She was, after all, half human, and the tranquilizers were meant for demons.

"Better listen to Mama Von. She's determined to always have her way, no matter what." Another voice interrupted their disagreement. A hand popped out from a set of bars on Lilac's left. A grimy face appeared through the bars. Lilac could see the demon was female. "I'm Piper. I've been here since Bird Sun. It's Icicle Moon, right?"

Lilac nodded. "Yeah." She shook her head in disbelief. "You've been in here for four months?"

"Almost. Mama's been in here for much, much longer. Maybe an eternity." Lilac could hear the smile in Piper's voice. She was relieved that demons could still joke despite where they were.

"I just got in this morning." Lilac looked down at the dirty floor. "I didn't even see them coming my way until it was too late." Even though it was dark in the cell, Lilac smiled brightly. "But I'll get out soon. I'm sure Briar will have an escape plan."

"Briar?" Mama Von asked. "Is he a friend?"

Lilac's smile grew wider, if that were even possible. "Yeah. Briar's my best friend. He'll help me out when I'm in a pinch like this." Then, in a more puzzled tone, she asked to no one, "Though I wonder why he was here in the first place? I hope he wasn't captured, too. That would be horrible, and Blaze wouldn't like it at all."

"How'd you see him if you were tranquilized?" Piper wanted to know.

"Oh, I saw him before they stuck that awful needle in me. He was in the vault with me." Lilac answered cheerfully. "But he sure didn't look like a prisoner. He was dressed all fancy-like. He even had a shiny medal on his lapel."

"Surely you don't mean Officer Gestapo?" Mama Von asked, horrified.

"How'd you know his name was Gestapo? I admit he's a little famous, but he never did like to flash his royalty about like Blaze—wait a minute, did you just Officer?" Lilac stared at the crone oddly.

"Oh, he's famous around here. Don't you get mixed up with the likes of him, girlie. That boy has one of the highest demon capture rates of the elite." Mama Von warned, jabbing Lilac in the chest with a withered finger.

Lilac pushed the crone's finger away. "Briar? He'd never go against demons. Old woman, you sure are crazy! Briar is one of the Brotherhood. He shall rule the Niaf Division." Lilac puffed her chest out proudly.

Piper piped up. "You're the crazy one, here. Briar Gestapo is human, through and through. If you believe otherwise, then he's got you under one of them human spells."

Before Lilac could respond, Piper disappeared from the bars and Mama Von slipped into the shadows as a guard slid a tray of food into the cell. As Lilac and the crone ate their food when the guard left, Lilac thought things over.

The man Briar was talking to was human, Lilac was sure of that. And that metal on his lapel looked like the emblem for the humans' elite guard. There was also the fact that he didn't rush to her protection when the human poked her with the needle.

But that couldn't be Briar, then, could it? He had sworn an oath to the demons when he was only seven. Had he changed so much in the last five years that he would turn his back on that oath? That couldn't be true. It just couldn't. The Briar she knew would never have left her unprotected against humans. He would never turn his back on her.

The grassland was laden with flowers of all kinds during the end of Scorch Sun. Lilac liked to run in the fields with the petals tickling her legs and the sweet perfume closing around her, enveloping her. She laughed and picked up several irises. She held them up and fell back onto her bottom.

"Lilac!" Brio yelled after her. He was five and his small legs couldn't keep up with her seven-year-old stamina. Lilac waved over at him, laughing. He plopped down next to her, sniffing a tulip and sneezing afterwards.

"Here, take these." Lilac handed him the bouquet of irises. Brio smiled sweetly at her and picked out an iris from her hair where it had gotten stuck.

"Mum likes these kind." Brio told her, stretching his legs out as he lay down.

Lilac giggled and admired the setting sun. They sat in the grassland for several minutes. Suddenly, Briar ran into the field, screaming at them to get away. The two stared at him strangely as he caught up with them. Glaring at them, he snapped, "Why aren't you listening to me? Run, go, now! Human hunters…they're almost here."

At the mention of humans Brio had set out at a run. But Lilac had stayed behind. She had never seen any other humans other than her father and the ones who had killed her parents.

They came racing through the dense forest surrounding the grassland. They had several weapons Lilac couldn't recognize. They ran at them with fierce cries of war. Briar grabbed onto her wrist and tried to pull her away, but Lilac was frozen in awe at the sight of the humans.

Briar yanked on a tuft of her hair, something he knew she hated. She turned and let him lead her away. But Briar's freakishly long legs ran too fast for her and she stumbled and fell. The men yelled in zeal at the sight of the fallen girl. Lilac tried to get up quickly, but it was to no avail. In the next second, one of the humans was coming down on her, one of the metal clubs in his hand. Demons didn't like the metal clubs; they hurt too much.

Lilac screamed and Briar grabbed a branch that had been blown into grassland from the forest by a storm several nights before. The young demon boy whipped the branch back behind his head and threw it at the human with tremendous force. It hit the human in the head, knocking him to the ground. The other humans, four in total, shouted curses at Briar and Lilac, charging at them with vigor, yelling like baboons.

Briar yelled back at them, demon fangs set in a fierce snarl. He clapped his hands together, and a flock of starlings flew down from the trees in the forest. They chirped at him, wanting to know why he had called them.

"Get them." With a mere point of Briar's finger, the starlings were after the humans, pecking at their clothes and their faces. Two of the four humans ran away, thinking that chasing demons wasn't worth the hurt they were receiving. The other two smacked the birds out of the way, obviously the strongest of the four humans.

"Daft little doggies." Briar muttered, clapping his hands once again. A flock of hawks surrounded him. "Never rebel against your betters." Turning to the hawks, Briar told them, "Teach the dogs a lesson."

The hawks went after them. Briar grabbed Lilac's hand. "Let's get out of here. You don't want to see what happens next."

Lilac nodded her head. She wiped her eyes, finding wetness on her cheeks. "Briar…"

Briar looked back at her as they were running. He had slowed his pace somewhat, so she wouldn't trip again. "Yeah?"

"Thanks." Lilac sniffed. "For not leaving me behind. For not turning your back on me when I fell down."

Briar's nose went up in the air in pride. "Why would I turn my back on you? You're my best friend, after all."

"Your Eminence!" Blaze sighed as he set the book he was looking through down on his desk. Someone knocked three times on the door to his study. He waited, leaning back in his chair, wishing the servant away. He had finally escaped from Brio and the reports when this buffoon of a servant had to ruin his peace.

Can't they wait until dawn? Blaze asked himself. Surely what news he has isn't that important.

"It's Mistress Lilac, Your Eminence," the servant continued. Blaze's head jerked up fast, almost making his chair lean back too far. He leaned forward before he could topple over. Toppling over in his chair wasn't something Blaze liked to shout to the demon world. "She's…" the servant's voice faltered, unmistakably nervous. "…been captured by humans."

Blaze jumped out of his chair as he lunged for the door, swinging it open without effort. He grabbed the servant by his neck, lifting him a foot off the ground. Silently, Blaze looked the demon over. He was small for a demon, barely a hand over five feet. His teal-colored hair was long and got in the way of dark eyes and a slight nose. His skin was pale with a tint of blue.

"Puddle demon, what do you know of my fiancée?" Blaze asked in the superior voice that he used with all lesser demons. If he did not show them he was the boss, they might some day try to overthrow him.

The puddle demon (named for their tendency to travel through puddles of water) shuddered as Blaze let him go so he could talk without gasping from the lack of air. "His Eminence Lord Brio has sent me to inform you of the latest capture. It was on the border, you see. Mistress Lilac was standing on the border early this morning and she was caught by unseen troops. Lord Brio has only just now seen the capture."

"How long ago was it?" Blaze asked through gritted teeth. Gritting his teeth together helped him to relax somewhat and not think too much about how worried and scared he was. It also helped to keep other demons from hearing the tremor in his voice.

"I…I don't know. Lord Brio would only tell me so much—" before the puddle demon could say anything more, Blaze grabbed him by the nape of his neck and led him quickly to the monitoring room. Brio was already there, also surrounded with plenty of demon generals. The servants were rushing in and out of the room, serving drinks and snacks or bringing new reports about demon captures. Brio sat in the middle of the bedlam, his finger tapping his chin, clearly trying to think, despite the noise coming from the room.

As soon as Blaze entered the room with the puddle demon, Brio's thoughtful and annoyed expression turned into one of relief. He shouted at the top of his lungs, "Quiet!"

The room went silent as heads turned to look at him. Brio gestured for Blaze to come over, holding a piece of paper in his hand. "It was almost two hours ago, near five this morning," the young demon quickly explained. He went to hand Blaze the paper he was holding. "Here's the report."

Blaze looked over the paper quickly, seeing that eyewitnesses had seen Lilac been taken by humans on the border of the Styx and the human land. A servant handed Brio a remote control to one of the millions of monitors in the room. Brio turned to his brother. "Luckily, she was in view of one of the Lens the moment she was captured, so we got the capture on tape."

Brio pressed the play button on the remote he was holding, and a screen almost directly in front of them blinked on. After a moment, the screen showed a wall fashioned crudely out of logs. The wall was the border, the only thing that separated the Styx from the human land. The wall was made several million years ago by demons that sought safety from the humans who invaded their lands and killed their people.

Lilac was sitting on the wall, gazing out beyond to the human land. Brio pressed another button on the remote, this time speeding the tape forward a bit. Blaze watched as a band of humans entered the screen, spotting the lone demon that had not noticed them at all. They snuck up on her and captured her. Blaze was horrified to see that she hadn't sensed the humans before they caught her. She had hardly done anything to defend herself against them (although he was glad to see that she had wasted no time in gouging the eyes of the first attacker when he tried to grab her with her long nails).

The demon generals began talking amongst themselves. The servants chattered nervously. Brio watched as his older brother's face turned from one expression to the next. Helplessness, despair, annoyance…

"Shut up!" Blaze yelled, his temper rising.

Brio sighed. Like him, Blaze hated thinking with a bunch of other noises. It made them lose their train of thought. Often it annoyed the hell out of the two brothers.

"Tayu." Blaze said quietly. A rather tall demon stepped forward from the group of generals. He wore the official general uniform, a black jerkin and black slacks and thousands of tiny medals were attached to his lapel.

"Yes, Your Eminence?" the general named Tayu addressed. He bowed his head slightly to show his respect for the younger demon.

"Send a troop to the human camp called Imslay. Search there for Lilac. If you find her, report back to me immediately." The general nodded. Blaze went on. "Do not let the humans see any of your troop. If they see that you are scouting the camp, they will take action immediately and kill you." Once again, the general nodded. Blaze let out a slow, deep sigh. He tilted his head up to look directly into the taller demon's gaze. "You do know why I am sending you to do this task, right, Tayu?"

Tayu remained silent. Blaze glared at the general. "You are my top general, Tayu. If you mess up this simple task," Blaze's voice took on a harsher tone. "I will exterminate you myself. Are we clear?"

The general nodded. "I said, general, are we clear?" this time Blaze asked the question more directly, more sternly.

The general saluted the demon salute, a fist over the heart followed by the same fist rising to the forehead and punching the air. "Crystal clear, Your Eminence."

Blaze nodded his content. He rather liked the way he could make even his generals shiver under his command. And Tayu was shivering all right. Or at least, he was sweating bullets as far as the eye could see. Something Blaze noticed most demons did under his brusque scrutiny. Oh, the joys of being an omnipotent monarch.

Briar was on guard duty right after breakfast. He didn't particularly like guard duty. Standing around while holding a gun that could only stun an escaping demon hardly had its perks, but it was better than vanguard duty. Much better than vanguard duty. He at least didn't have to see demons being taken from their homes against their will for no good reason other than prejudice.

Briar rather preferred studying the demons that went in and out of Camp Imslay. He had experience at determining whether or not a demon was sick, or was crippled (most humans didn't know the difference between a paper cut and a potentially fatal wound; it was quite pathetic, really). And he most certainly could decide the difference between a dangerous prisoner and a not so dangerous prisoner. There were times when one of his few human friends had mistaken a tempest demon for a puny water sprite. The results were lethal and had destroyed nearly one third of the camp.

Briar's partner in crime was Jacob. Jacob had been left at the front door of the camp when he was barely a year old. Lieutenant Eiremal had found him on a freezing Cold Moon morning. The orphan was raised as a soldier and had enlisted as an official soldier right after his fourteenth birthday. Now fifteen, Jacob had been in the human force for a year and a month. Briar was assigned to train him since Jacob's last mentor disappeared mysteriously while they were hunting for demons. No one blamed Jacob, though; he hadn't taken a liking to killing things, human or demon. The other men liked to say Jacob and his mentor had been attack by demons, but Jacob was too scared to tell anyone about it.

Almost two feet shorter than Briar, Jacob was by far what the other men liked to call a shrimp. To any normal human, shrimp would mean Jacob was a short person. And although Jacob was a great deal shorter than the other men, in the military, being a shrimp meant you were a good-for-nothing pacifist with nothing better to do than hide behind the better men all the time. Jacob did not like being called a shrimp, and tried to prove his worth many times; he failed most of the time.

Briar found his partner waiting for him outside his dorm room door after breakfast. The boy clutched a small revolver to his chest. It was a useless weapon, seeing as Jacob had broken only five months before. But for some odd reason that he wouldn't explain to anyone else, he kept it with him at all times.

"Have a nice breakfast, did you?" Briar asked jokingly upon seeing the boy. Jacob looked shyly at the tray of food sitting on the floor next to him. His chocolate eyes were downcast. Briar smiled sheepishly. He knew that Jacob had trouble fitting in with the other soldiers. Everyone else in the camp had signed up for the army when they were only near eleven years old. It was a wonder why Jacob had lived in the camp for almost his whole life but didn't sign up until he was fourteen. Briar shook his head. "Nevermind. Let's go."

Jacob sighed, standing up and pocketing the broken revolver in a holster on his belt. After Briar let him dump his breakfast tray's contents into a garbage can in the dormitory, the two headed out to the corral.

The corral was like a holding pin for pigs. Only this holding pin didn't hold pigs; it held demons, and lots of them. Briar and Jacob arrived just as the gates to the stockades were being opened. They watched in solemn silence as the thousands of chained demons walked slowly out of their cells and into the corral. It took half an hour just to get all the demons out and then to relieve them of their chains. Briar saw his partner suppress several yawns, and gave a small smile. Even though Jacob was only a year younger than he was, the other boy reminded him much of his pacifist brother, Brio.

Briar looked over the demons walking slowly throughout the corral. Then, a struggle caught his eye. Near the gates to the stockade, several guards were agonizing over the task of bringing out the newest prisoner. Briar and Jacob watched on in awe as they saw the demon girl lash out with all her might. The demon boy mentally beamed with pride for his old friend. Never had he seen her put up such a fight. The last five years had probably made her stronger. A lot stronger.

He frowned openly as he watched the guards inside the corral give her a tranquilizer. It wasn't as strong as the one they had used that morning, but it was strong enough to stop her from moving quickly, sort of like turning her into a sloth. As soon as she could no longer attack them, the guards ran to the safety of the walls of the corral. Briar could have sworn he heard Lilac growling, and he winced mentally. That didn't sound too good.

Almost an hour and a half after they had arrived at the corral, another guard came to talk to Briar. Briar took him off to the side, leaving Jacob to watch the demons. The guard left quickly after talking to Briar about the missing keys to one of the demon cells. Briar stayed where he was, wondering about what could have possibly happened to the keys. He only hoped some demon hadn't found them.

"Briar…Officer Gestapo!" Jacob cried, correcting how he addressed Briar quickly after another guard several feet away from him looked at him as though he were the most disrespectful being on the planet.

Briar walked over to his partner. "What is it, Jacob?"

The younger boy pointed out to the corral. Briar followed his finger and slightly paled at the sight before him. "Officer, that demon is waving at you."

And so his words were true, for there in the middle of the corral, was Lilac, happily waving to Briar as though he hadn't turned his back on her and joined the ranks of the human.

Tayu arrived back at the monitoring room a little after noon. He found Brio curiously looking through several reports. Clearing his throat, the younger demon asked, "What was the outcome of your mission, general?"

"It was a success, Your Eminence. Mistress Lilac is being held at the human camp Imslay. She was spotted there almost an hour ago by one of my men." The general reported.

"I see." Brio went silent for a moment as he looked at a 3D module of the camp before him. In a little room off to the side of the monitoring room were modules of every human camp that was built. Brio had taken the liberty of retrieving the module of Camp Imslay himself, thinking that having a servant get it would be troublesome. He tapped his chin as he asked, "Were you seen?"

"My troop was discovered by a human shrew as we were heading back, Your Eminence. Needless to say, she was dealt with immediately." The general grinned at the memory of the human woman's death.

Brio frowned. He was a pacifist, through and through, and he did not approve of killing, human or demon. But who was he to correct the demon general's way of keeping secret?

"Your Eminence?" General Tayu asked in a soft voice. Brio looked up at the general, who seemed like he was giddy with some other news he hadn't told yet. The younger demon almost ordered the general to go get a life. Acting giddy was something you did not want to see in one of your generals. "One of my men has also discovered that that is where His Eminence Lord Briar resides."

Brio almost fell out of his chair. The giddiness that had possessed Tayu was now rubbing off on him. He might have been one of the three demons to control one of the three demon divisions, but he was still a thirteen-year-old kid, who wanted to see his brother again. He felt like cheering, but stopped himself before he could. Cheering isn't something that an omnipotent monarch would do in front of his servants and generals.

The boy demon nodded, dismissing the general. After several seconds, he got up form his chair in the monitoring room and left. Ten minutes later, he found his brother in his bedroom, reading a novel that Lilac had given to him for his eighteenth birthday. As soon as Brio stepped into the room, Blaze sat up in his chair, watching his brother expectantly.

"General Tayu," Brio announced the general's name with a hint of disgust. He couldn't help it; he hated the general. "has found Lilac. She is being held at Camp Imslay."

"Perfect." Blaze grinned. Brio almost fell over at the impact his news had on his brother. Then again, anything involving Lilac always had an impact on Blaze.

Clearing his throat, Brio asked, "Should I have a troop sent out to save her?"

"Oh, no, Brio. This isn't a job for a puny troop." Blaze smirked, a silent warning that his brother was going to say something utterly ridiculous. Blaze stopped what he was going to say when he saw the look of glee on his younger brother's face. "What else is there to say now, Brio?"

Brio took a deep breath before continuing, his trademark smile appearing on his face. "General Tayu also says that one of his men saw Briar at Imslay."

The grin on Blaze's face faltered a bit before it returned again, this time a little more grave than happy. Brio asked quietly, "So, should we send out a troop? Or do you have something else in mind?"

Blaze clapped his hands together, his eyes filled with mischief. "Brio, what do you say about a Gestapo family reunion?"

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