"Evanglina! Get up, now!" The oh-so cruel form of my older sister screamed from the foot of the stairs.

"Mhmm." I retorted, it was supposed to come out as: go fuck yourself, bitch. But it didn't get past the annunciation part.

"Angie! Up!" She screamed again, she was losing patience, she was weakening. I was winning! HAHAHAHA!

Wait, let me start back and first introduce myself. I'm Evanglina Emmanuel Gulik. Angie, for short. I'm a 5'4 telekinetic. I live in what was once your world, mortals, but now, the ratio has flipped. There are now more mythics then mortals, if there are still mortals left, fucking vampires. Ah, well, our new-age is ruled by vampires, and we all hate them, which is the polite way of saying it. They were the cause of the ratio-flipping business, and before, mythics lived quiet peacefully. Other then the minor changes in population, everything's really stayed the same, just, none of us can go out in daylight. Well, do I need to tell you anything else? Hmmm... How about me? I'm 5'4 (you already know that), I have shiny Raven Black hair, and the black-and-white eyes that were graced upon us when we were bitten. Oh, and each mythic has his/her own bite, vampires: necks, telepathies: wrists, psychics: forehead, ice's: ankle; Wait, you've heard of ice's, right? My older sister, Kris, is one. She can shoot ice out of her eyes and freeze anything. ANYTHING.

We are both out of school, Kris works at a Crypt, Coffin, and Craft, while I work at Bloodbucks Coffee.

I glared at the door, as I picked myself up and pulled in my clothes. The best part of being a telekinetic is being able to move things without touching them, but then again, that's really the only part of telekinesis.

I slipped on my black blouse, black short skirt, fish net tights, and black high heals. And I braided my hair into to long braids, tied with bright red ribbon. The vampires have now put black, red, and dark purple as the only colors of clothing allowed. Bright colors hurt their eyes, or some of that woe-is-me crap.

"Can you bring back some more bloodble bath? We ran out." I yelled downstairs, hoping Kris had heard me.

By the time I ran downstairs, Kris l had already left in her blood-red corvette convertible. I grabbed my keys and practically sprang into the front seat of my hearse. On the radio, two vamps were talking about double bites. Right. Like double bites actually exist... That's impossible. You can't be a vampire then something else, that's just irony.

"Welcome to Bloodbucks, may I take your order?" I asked in monotone, not really paying attention to anything.

"A Vamp Special. Two shots, deluded, no Holy Water." Oh, did I mention the old thing about garlic, not having a reflection, holy water, crosses, and the like are all just myths? They don't work. Trust me.

I looked up at a vamp my age, trying not to lash out at him, "Right away, sir."

Vamps get all the luck. When they are bitten, their body changes into perfection, so they are all stunningly gorgeous. They get the best jobs, because right now, they are the dominating breed. And, even if common people get the same jobs, we get paid less. Didn't vampires pay attention to the history of you mortals?

"Can you move?" I asked, the vampire hadn't left yet, "you know, you pick it up at the other counter."

I rolled my eyes, how did vamps become the dominating breed? They're so stupid....

"Riiiiiiight." He sighed, and turned.

"You forgot your change, dude."

"Keep it." Oh, a whopping tip of twenty-three cents. Better then nothing, eh?

I sighed. At least I didn't work at a bar.... That would have been torture.

"Angie? Angie!... ANGIE!" Some non-recognizable form started to shake me. Oh, wait, it was just Dame.

Damion Rockreiller Lincoln has been my best friend for about 200 years, he found out he was gay 150 years ago.

"Dame... urgh... Stop.. STOP! Stop shakin' me, fuckin' hell, dude." I held my arms up as I opened my eyes. I was sitting at a table in Bloodbucks, sleeping, peacefully...

"Who was the hot guy sitting next to you?" Dame asked, sounding very feminine, might I add.

"Who? Oh, well, you're just delusional."


"Umm... My imaginary friend Jag, usually no one but me can see him." I smirked.

"You used that excuse 15 years ago! Find a better comeback." I rolled my eyes and stuck out my tongue, and he so maturely followed my lead.

"He left a note!" Dame squealed at a receipt resting near my elbow.

"Goddamnit, man, it's just a receipt."

"Can I keep it?" I hadn't opened it, but why would I? I handed out waaaaaaaay to many of these in a day…

I nodded, and Dame squealed again, much to my ear's displeasure.

Dame snatched it and opened the many folds.

"This doesn't make sense..." He whined, after a few moments of welcomed silence.

"It's a receipt, dude."

"It says 'you are mine'. Are you playing a practical joke?... Are there camera's hidden around to see my reaction?" He turned his head wildly, and spotted a security camera. Dame threw his hands over his face.

"Calm down, man. What the fuck does the receipt 'say' again?"

"'You are mine'."

"Are you sure it's not Ice's Icee Fozen Latte with a cherry twist?"

He looked at the receipt again, as if in deep thought, and then he shook his head.

"Nope, it's a Vamp Special hold the Holy Water."

"I only made one of those today; it must've been on someone else's shift."

"Cashier: Evanglina." He smirked.

"When did they start writing that on them?" I grabbed the receipt.

"When they opened..." Dame gave me a 'you fucking retard' look.

"Well.. I... Screw you, for making me feel stupid..." I muttered, and before I could say anything else, Dame was dragging me outside.

He pushed me toward my car, "let's go shopping!" He squealed.

"What the hell happened to your car?" I asked; he had a sporty little number. Eh, it was a blood red mini coop with two black stripes on the hood.

"Crashed it! Fucking vamps don't watch where the hell they're going!" Dame sighed, I opened the car and he hopped in, with me following close behind.

"Ahh, fuck!" I exclaimed, as I tried to start the car. It didn't work. "What the fuck?! I just got this piece of shit fixed!"

"I'm tellin' you! They have cameras up everywhere! They're watchin' us and then laughing their asses off! It's a conspiracy."

"Dame, shut up; for, like, two seconds!" I gritted, starting the car again. I soon heard the pleasant rumble as the car started. I turned on the windshield wipers, in a vamp's world, it rains all the time.

"Can I talk now?" Dame whispered.

"Suppose so," I mumbled. There was a piece of paper near my foot, and it was bugging me. Pissin' me off, damn paper. I picked it up and tossed it to Dame, "is that a bill?"

"Ahhh! Creepy! Where are the cameras?!" Dame ducked.

"What the fuck, dude?" I swerved to avoid some idiot vamp that was driving on the wrong side of the road.

He waved the paper in front of my eyes, "Dude! I can't see shit! I have to drive!" I yelled, braking.

"Sorry," Dame withdrew the paper, "it says 'you are mine'. It's pretty cursive."

"I don't give a fuck!" I mumbled, glaring in my rearview mirror.

Dame was uncharacteristically quiet. "What are you doing?" I asked, he was staring at the paper.

"Hello!? Angie!? I'm telepathic, remember?" He waved his arms around.

"Yay for you. What does that have to do with you and that paper?" I rolled my eyes. Drama Queen.

"I'm trying to figure out who put it in the car! Errr.. Gaah. Berrr.. Hold the Holy Water guy!" He sprang up. "That dude!"

"Ummm…?" I raised an eyebrow.


"No, not really." I rolled my eyes again. I rolled to a stop in the malls parking lot.

"But he was that really-" I cut Dame off by closing my door, and sprinting toward the mall. Fucking rain…

Dame jogged after me, and caught up when I got inside. A group of vamp sales people leered at us, I flipped them off and kept walking. Dame, however, waved at them.

"Hey, guys! I'm Dame, and this is Angie! There's a vamp stalking her and-" I pulled him around the corner.

"I'm gonna get some pizza." I muttered, I started to walk off as Dame pulled on my sleeve.

"Ange, it's Holy Water dude!" He whispered. I looked over, yeah it was that guy, but I really didn't give a fuck.

"So?" I shrugged. I rolled my eyes, as Dame kept staring. Holy Water guy noticed Dame and started twitching.

"He's… looking at me! Ange, I'm in love!" Dame sighed dramatically, and grasped at his heart.

"He's twitching, that's not a good sign." I rolled my eyes again.

"But.. but..." He sighed, "he likes you anyway."

"I don't even know him!" I glared at the dude. Willing him to go away. Wait, I'm a fucking telekinetic! I glared at the water he was holding, and it tipped over into his lap. I giggled slightly, when he sprang out of the chair yelling things similar to 'holy fuck! Who the hell did that!?'

But as soon as he saw me, I gulped. He stalked over. "Why the hell did you do that?!"

"I didn't do anything." I protested.

"You're the only telekinetic here." Dammit. No one else had a telekinetic mark.

"Um, well… I thought you… uh, were someone else." I finished lamely.

"Great excuse," he rolled his eyes and snarled.

I blinked, "did you just snarl at me?! Hell, no, I'm not gonna put up with this! I'm sick of all you vamps! Crash into our cars, why doncha? They fix yours for free, right? Make us work, under paid, might I add, for you! Does it make you feel good inside that there are child Ice's in Africa that slave away to make the clothing you wear!? Didn't think of that, did you!?"

My rant made me breathless, while he only blinked, "I like you already!" He grinned.

"Already….?" I echoed. Mad man… Turn and run. Run away!

My feet weren't listening to me. But it's not the first time that some psycho thought either a. he was going to kill me, or b. he was married to me. I've been there. Done that. Painfully, may I add.

"Of course! You're mine, remember?!" He grinned and shook his wavy brown hair. His black-and-white eyes crinkled up in that you're-retarded,-so-now-I'll-make fun-of-you.

"Um.. Dame?" I looked around for Dame. He had slipped away and was know ogling a telepathic with green hair. "Dame! I think we should go…" I turned away, and Dame was gone. He had left to try to approach the obviously straight green haired dude.

"Is that you're boyfriend?" Creepy stalker dude's face hardened, and he frowned.

"Unless I miraculously grow a dick, no." I backed away, slowly, "um, I think I have to go…"

"No." Stalker Dude said, quietly. "Mine. You can't go."

"Um, I kinda do-" I got cut off.

"No! Mine, mine, mine, mine!" He insisted stubbornly. He looked cute while doing it though, like an overgrown child.

"Um, sir, I have to-" I was still trying to get away.

"My name's Jack." He held out his hand, smiling. Mood swings…..

"My na-" I started, but he held up a hand.

"Evanglina, I know." He smiled again, making his mouth stretch to show a row of straight white teeth, disrupted by fangs.

"Um… that's kind of creepy." I muttered, sending him a 'go-away-stalker' glance.

"I know everything about you. Kris, Dame, Bloodbucks… Fluffy…" He trailed off.

"Fluffy?! How did you know about my bunny from 200 hundred years ago?!" I stared at him, he just winked. "You know, this is scary. I'm going home, taking a bath, hopefully not falling asleep and drowning in it…" I turned.

He grabbed my arm, "no! Mine! Mine, mine, mine, mine! You can't go!"

"Um, excuse me, sir, but please don't touch me." I looked around. Why weren't the fucking security people helping me!?

"I'm free to do what I want with what's mine." He coughed, and tugged me around a new corner.

"I'm not yours." I pointed out. He stopped short and looked at me.

"Mine," he repeated slowly, "mine, mine, mine, mine! Say you're mine!"

"But I'm not-!"

"Say it! Fuckin' hell! Say it!" He tugged desperately on my arm.

"Hell no!" I yelped, and tried to get me arm free.

"Stop struggling!" He gritted out, "say it… please?"

"Um… No?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Fine, you don't have to say it now." He continued dragging me. We reached the outside, it was almost morning. We didn't go 'poof' in sunlight, it just made us get colds.

He pulled me toward a sporty little back convertible. "Wait- No- Stop- Ow- HELP!" I screamed.

No one came.

He gently 'placed' me in the passenger side, as he got in. He started the car and it roared to life.

"What the hell!?" I yelped. He didn't bother glancing at me, as we sped out of the parking lot.

I settled back into the seat, content with knowing there was nothing I could do besides killing myself by jumping out of the car. "Um, dude, where the hell are we going?"

"Home," he looked over and turned.

"My home is back there." I pointed out. Stupid, creepy, stalkers.

"Our home." Gulp. Uh oh…

"Dude, do you think you either a. want to kill me, or b. think or either in love with me and/or married to me?" I glanced nervously.

"Neither. Well, b. but we aren't married... yet." He still wasn't looking at me. Why the hell wasn't I more scared? This was starting to get scary. Maybe I could run at a stoplight. Ooh, not a good idea. What if he had a gun? Would he shoot me? He's crazy, obsessed, and stalker-ish. Would he shoot me?

"Ah," I sighed, any other circumstance and I either would've hated this dude, or would've had an insane crush on him, but wouldn't want to admit it. "How far until we get 'home'?"


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