The moment you entered this building, you were slated to die, for this Hall is not dedicated to the living. Worry not though, for death is a force, which acts upon all things. It is a process as inevitable as the changing of the seasons or the movements of the tide.

Our attunement with this force is a matter of necessity; it is a path we must tread. Your life previous is now dead, and holds no weight here; peasant or prince, priest or pilgrim, it matters not, for your life current ends with your next breath. Breathe out the past, and breathe in the future.

You are now a part of something greater. Your word holds power, your hand holds the instrument of progress, and your mind holds the training that will transform you into a being of no equal. Together, or alone, we can end a war, start a revolution, topple a nation, or build one from ashes. Each of you before me is now a tool, to be wielded not by any one person or nation, but by this collective, who are dedicated to maintaining a plan set in motion an epoch ago.

In the coming months, you will be forged, honed, and tested. If you pass, you are ready to begin to fight a war you never knew you were already losing.

Welcome to the Hall of Assassins. Welcome to your new life.

-Assassin's Creed