Dear 14 Year Old;

Falling in love is a deadly game. I know it seems exciting at first, liking someone and having them like you back but that boy is trouble. Stay away or you'll probably spend the next five to ten years regretting it. I know meeting him was an accident; you were only trying to help Carmen. Who would have known she would have such a cute cousin? Be warned, he only wants to play. Don't go to that house! Don't ever, ever meet him. He'll bring you more pain then you ever thought it possible to feel. And if you must go, look past that adorable exterior and look at the person within. Look at the boy who will only ever see you flaws and hate you for having them. Don't look at his hazel eyes and melt, look at them and hate him for all he will do.

Dear 35 Year Old;

If all went well and according to plan, you should be the mother of a beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed, 7 year old adopted British boy. Ain't he grand? Do me a favor will ya? Remember he's just a little boy and that stain he left on the sofa will go away but the hurtful words you say will echo in his head for years. Remember when mom would yell at you? Remember how it used to make you feel? Don't treat Christopher the same way. Be firm, rules are needed but be lenient; he is still learning. Having a famous mother isn't something too easy to handle you know. ;-)