Snowmo And His Amazing Dog

Chapter One

Blue Men

During the old days, of we think it was the old days, something amazing happened. Snowmo was born. Okay this name was lame and his parents complained to Dog but he was in a world of his own. Well, let us just say that this was another world, where the best name was sadly Snowmo.

Getting back to the story, Snowmo was brought up on the east-western island Bambambodojojogamidamn. Yes, this is a long name and yes, this is an impossible place, but this was Dog's world and here anything can happen.

One day, Snowmo wanted to leave his island and go to the main land. Therefore, he worked hard to make a boat. Now he put his boat onto the water and it disappeared.

'What happen there', Snowmo said.

'That is the power of Vegina', yelled a voice.

'How thy that be', said Snowmo.

'Thy am Vegina and I want you to eat the blue Apple that is on that donkey', said Vegina.

'First Blue Apples are impossible…' said Snowmo.

'Not in my world', said Dog.

'Okay I eat it', said Snowmo.

So Snowmo ate the blue apple and then made Vegina go blue.

'That didn't go right. Well ive left your boat on top of that mountain that is called "Blah Blah Blah Mountain that si on the other side of this lame island. Good bye', said Vegina.

So Snowmo began his thingy by looking for his…

I had enough of this Kp I want a pay rise…………………….