Chapter Two

The Mad Zoo


'Do you know all about the millennium bugs', said the man.

'Yes I know all about the millennium bugs and the boss because I am a millennium bug', said the MX10.

'So keep out of the zoo and go away now', said the man.

'Ok', said the MX10.


Near by.

'Go in the zoo not out of it', said the boss.

'Hello boss', said the DX15.


Near by.

'Hi CD11', said the MX10.

'Hello MX10 and can you play S with me', said the CD11.

Therefore, the MX10 and the CD11 played S but the MX10 lost the game because the CD11 got six S.

'Hi can I play too', said the CB04.

'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm', said the CD11 and the MX10.

'Come on MX10', said the CB04.

'Ok yes', said the MX10.

'Ok lets play the game now', said the CB04.

'C ya', said the MX10.

'A', said the CB04.

So the MX10 went to the zoo.

The MX10 was in the zoo because the man was not at the zoo so the mx10can go in the zoo. Sao the MX10 went in to the mad zoo.


Near by.

'How did you made it go in to', said the boss.

'Mmmmmmmmmmmmm it went in the dog at the zoo', said the DX15.

'You have to get the CB04', said the boss.

'Cool', said the DX15.

'Poo', said the boss.


Near by.

'Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr', said the dog with the ball in it.

'Go away', said the man.

'MX10 Fluro Bug go up in to MX10 Glitter bug', said the MX10.

The MX10 was up to 20 IQ level. The MX10 went and look at the dog. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A ball went up from the dog and went to the MX10.

'I got the ball with me', said the MX10.

'So you do got the ball with you', said the man.

'yes he do got it', said some men at the zoo.


The MX10 was looking at the ball.

'Why the ball did go out of the dog and went to me', said the MX10.

The MX10 went up to see the CD11 and the CB04.

'hi CD11', said the CD11.

'are you looking like a Glitter Bug', said the CD11.

'He have went up in to a Glitter', said the CB04.

'a go up', said the MX10.

'Yes, a go up', said the CB04.

'Why', said the CD11.

'I go it from a big, red, and got mum on it, book', said the CB04.

'we must go on with yours and my life', said the MX10.

'ok', said the CD11 and CB04.