Said, I love you,

Well all that was just lies,

Said I need you,

Just like the poison in your eyes,

Said I want you,

I reckon you do.

Hate me so you can see what's good for you,

(It's not me)

Hate me so it won't hurt in the end,

Hate me so I won't regret,

Losing you as a friend…

Hate me for all I never did for you,

(Hate me for all that I've become)

Hate me for all you never knew,

(Hate me for coming undone),

Yeah, hate me for blocking you…


Yeah, never say you love me,

Otherwise you'll never see,

Just how lonely life can be,

When he leaves you,

And I won't be there to help.

You never wondered about,

The suicidal hate in my heart,

And I'll do all it takes for you to leave me behind,

I'll do all I can so you're happy even if I'm without.

Chasing all the shadows of the mistakes I've ever made,

And ever since you left and he came,

I've never been so afraid,

I've never felt so vulnerable…

I've never loved anyone more than the people that have walked out of my life.