Something about today makes me want to,

Melt into the ground and exist only in my imagination,

So maybe I can stop thinking about you.

I want all the distant memories of the past,

To come back to life again,

I want the happy times to come and last.

There's something in your eyes,

It's deep and it is there- it is fragile and it is broken,

To me it is the sweetest of lullabies.

I feel like a fake mime,

Trapped inside a real box,

That's losing track of all time.

I feel like the world exists around me,

I'm not the center,

It feels like somehow when I see you I cease to be.

I want to scream to the world,

Every word I've ever felt,

As if somehow someone, somewhere would understand.

Memories keep dropping into my head,

Leaving a nervous feeling in my brain,

Making me wish it had been you that I was with instead.

You never doubted me,

When it came to suicide and hate,

But it was all it took for you to see.

And the walls of this house make me crazy,

Just like your image plastered on my brain,

As they fill me with an insane lust to be free.

I never knew who I wanted to be or the places I wanted to see,

Until that day I saw a tear in your eye,

And then I knew I wouldn't be able to handle another goodbye.

Maybe I'll just sit here and wait.