Here we live,

Breathing with the beat of the earth's heart,

We're really not all that smart,

(As we seem to be)

You can't drink freedom from a bottle,

You can't change ten million people's minds,

In the blink of an eye,

So mistreated, so inhuman,

Robotic, a broken memory of consciousness,

The truth lies in the bones,

(Of all that everything used to be)

I don't believe,

Disguise the problem

With fashion hand bags,

The world will laugh at you

From riches to rags

(Because everything will be backwards one day)

Broken hearts won't hurt,

Cause they'll make a pill for that too,

Some sad, secret, evil plan to take over the world…

Something crazy that white pills can't change,

Like heading the wrong way down a one way path-

To self destruction

Living in playing card houses still strewn on the floor…

But really, who's really sane anymore.

(The world will fall to chaos in the end.)