A/N: I'm aware this is extremely short. But I've been off this thing for a very long time. My children are finally getting old enough where I can type unbothered again. Just wanted to put a little taste up you know.

Chapter 14

Celia stared blankly at the TV screen. The movie played and she thought bitterly how they made vampires out to be so romantic. Nobody knew. Well not a living body anyways. Sergie was wonderful but she needed human understanding. She looked over at Lucy, her stomach churning with the fear of what was about to be said. It could go two ways like all choices: good or bad

"Lucy, I was kidnapped by vampires!" Celia blurted.

Immediately she began to choke on her popcorn. "What the hell are you talking about?" she coughed out.

This was something that couldn't be taken back, so she marched on with what little reserve she had built up. "After I left your party I ran into a vampire who needed me to save his life and once he left I was abused by this gang of vampires who specializes in selling girls as meals and concubines. They were going to trade me off and-"

"Seriously? What the fuck has got in to you?" She went to leave from the couch but Celia grabbed at her shirt.

"Lucy please! You're my best friend! I need you to believe me!" Celia was crying now, struggling to continue with her incredulous tale. "I was trapped in there being their master's slave. He abused me so much. I just need someone human to talk to. I'm so tired of keeping this inside." But Lucy only shoved her away, disgust on her pretty face.

"That's so fucking sick of you. I was honestly worried. I blamed myself for being wasted and unable to take you home. I don't know what your deal is right now, but I hope it clears up soon." She threw Celia's hand from her blouse and stomped off towards the door. Halfway out she paused, her face not so angry anymore but her brow was still furrowed. "I understand you went through a traumatic experience. I get that. I don't get why you're all of a sudden making up stories. Jesus Celia maybe you need mental help." Then she left.

Celia should have figured it was going to go like that. When does it ever work out when you're going to tell your bff about the vampires in the world? She had sounded mental though. With a sigh she fell back onto the couch and vigorously rubbed her face. Celia wasn't sleeping well anymore or napping. She was having these pitch black dreams were all she heard were voices whispering. "I'm not sure if I'm all that human," She voiced this recent opinion of herself out loud. What was strange was that it seemed to be fitting the situation.

Sergie walked slowly after eating. She was a puzzle. Out of no where he was forced to his knees, a sharp throb in his temple followed by another.

"Come to us girl. Awaken to your full potential."

"Blasius is weak. His reign of immortality ending. But we see in you what was never in your father."

The voices were undeniably ancient and he quickly realized he was sharing a bond with Celia's mind. The world was blank save for a small haven of light which Celia basked in. She was searching for the source of the voices. "Who are you?! Or really I should ask who am I?!"

"Most wise of you to finally ask, to finally allow us entrance. We speak to you as nothing more than a neutral party with a sudden common interest. Silas and Blasius both have become unmanageable. We ourselves can not intervene, you young one can."

"There is no need to prolong your guess at what you are. Dhampir child. Seed of your father who is seeded from Blasius."

Of course, thought Sergie Such instilled power.


"Our Omega. They are gifted with our strengths and the warmth of humanity. Your father is not as blessed as you child. Now we call upon you to end this abominable creature." From the shadows they encircled Celia. Two undeniably held age etched in their faces while the other three still remained young.

"We cannot impart knowledge into you, but we can awaken what is already present. Awaken anew dhampir; hear the ancients singing in your veins. Know what you are and what you have always been."

She felt it. The magnificent explosion of power. It was so sensuous, so surprisingly warm. At an instant she grabbed her chest, her heart racing at an astonishing rate and then she fell disappearing from the lit circle.

"Celia!" Sergie cried. He reached out for her ghost. He was forced out of the dreamlike state, back to reality where he knew he must run to her aid.

She lay on the floor convulsing. "Celia!" He jerked her up into his arms and cradled her tightly to him until she ceased to move anymore. "Oh God. Oh no. Come on, come back to me." He smacked her face gently. Like magic her chest filled suddenly with air and she let out a small gasp. Her lips became parted and he noticed that her eye teeth were more elongated with slight points. "This can't be, she can't be a vampire." Sergie was horrified.

Beautiful glittering brown eyes met his. "Sergie? I'm so thirsty," she rasped. He was absolutely stunned by the intensity of her stare.

"Do you…do you need blood?" he gulped out.

Lifting her eyebrow at him she chuckled sweetly. "No, just water. Blood doesn't appeal to me."

"Jesus girl you scared the unlife from me!" He couldn't help himself; he brought her close to his chest stroking her hair. To lose her to anything would be the end of him. That in itself was the most chilling realization. Sergie kissed her head softly. "I was there in your mind. Your barriers went down and I saw the ancients around you. You are amazing Celia. There hasn't been one of you, a dhampir around in a long time. Or at least one that I know of."

"I feel so strange, but at the same time I'm finally right. All the pieces inside of me aren't scattered. There's only one thing that still confuses me."

"What is it girl?" he brought himself from her hair and once more stared down into her eyes.

Celia raised up enough so her lips could touch his. There was no more fear in her about this. She knew now that it was useless to fight the attraction when there was no telling how much longer she had to live. Sergie kissed her back, raiding her mouth with ravenous hunger. The electricity between them arced and increased as his body covered hers and he pushed her to the floor. She entangled her small hands in his long silver hair. She'd give him everything she had to offer.

"Celia," he gasped. "I don't know how much control I can have like this." She was just too damn beautiful. Especially now she emitted such raw lush sex appeal.

"No control Sergie. Let go. I am." She was breathing heavy, her hair strewn across her face.

"You just don't understand, I can hurt you."

She smiled with all the purity inside her. "You can't. Its in the way you look at me. I see the hunger Sergie, but I see everything else in this moment. You never can hurt me."

He was absolutely shocked. Was it so evident? Still he didn't trust himself. But here she was beneath him wholly defenseless with her big doe eyes glowing with warmth and promise.

"Kiss me again," it was such a faint whisper and he obliged.