Revolutionary Mistakes

Prologue: Age of Fools

"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." Douglas Adams

Mistakes happen, disasters occur, and chaos is bred from ignorance, and nothing can stop a human with 'good intentions.' Fools, idiots, do they not listen to their own history. Of course not, they only bother to hear their own perverse thoughts. During a time when humans were at the top of the world and their own thoughtless creations were slowly tearing away at the world, a new science rose to take the place of god. The science had of course existed before, but in this new age the powers it held where unimaginable. This science was called Biogenetics. Something that started off in hopes to cure those who were unfortunate enough to be born with dieses written into the very code that created them.

One of the masters of this craft, a biogenetic researcher by the name of Dr. LeJeune tried his hand at fixing what nature and medicine could not. Oddly enough he succeeded, but with the greed of mankind and a lust for money nipping at his heels, disorder was sure to follow. Hidden away in the seemingly harmless confines of Union Laboratories was this mad man and his experiments.

Union Labs was relatively empty at this time of night except for the janitorial staff, but there was one small desk lamp flickering away in the dark offices. Soft clicking noises echoed through the empty hallways as the only scientist left was working away on his computer. The man had short black hair and seemed rather young to be an accomplished scientist, maybe around twenty-seven. His lips parted slightly to let out an exhausted sigh as he tried to clear his now watery eyes. "I need to take a break," the man muttered as he looked over at the edge of his desk and read the nametag resting there 'Dr. C. LeJeune.' He glared at the shiny metal plate as the sudden urge to fling it across the room passed by his mind.

"I need coffee, now," LeJeune grumbled as he pushed himself out of a remarkably uncomfortable office chair and prepared to head to the break room. As he started for the door LeJeune risked a glance at the clock on someone else's desk, only to groan in suffering as he read '2:30 a.m.' Another heated glare was sent to the clock before he left the office to seek out the most caffeine filled beverage known to mankind.

Thirty minutes and a fight with the coffee machine later brought the tired doctor back to the office. He took a sip of the warm liquid in his cup and decided that coffee had never tasted so good. 'Well it would have tasted better if that stupid machine hadn't decided to brake on me,' LeJeune decided after he had settled back into the most irritating office chair of all time. With another sigh, he seemed to be doing that quite a bit lately, he continued to type away on the computer.

His gaze wandered once more from his computer as LeJeune spotted a seemingly glowing plant off to his right. It was an old genetics experiment of combining firefly genes with a plant and now the crazy thing was like a nightlight as it flashed every couple of seconds. Normally it was not very bright, but at the moment the stupid thing was being particularly distracting. As he stared at the phosphorescent plant LeJeunes eyes began to drop and before he knew it his head had hit the desk and he was out like a light. Apparently the coffee was not as strong as the label said, either or doing paperwork really was THAT boring.

LeJeune groaned in protest as the new morning light hit his eyelids and someone started to shake his shoulder. "Mr. L, Mr. L wake up," a rather annoying voice called as the shaking of his shoulder continued. The doctor opened his eyes and looked up to see his new assistant standing over him with a worried expression on his face.

Dr. LeJeune tried sending a deadly glare at the boy, but apparently it just didn't work on the naïve. So with a silent prayer for patience he asked," Michael what do you want?"

The man was apparently unfazed by his teacher's anger as he remarked," You were sleeping; I figured I should wake you up."

With one more glare sent in his direction LeJeune turned to face the clock on his desk only to realize it was 9:00. "Crap, I stayed here all night," He remarked in surprise before jumping out of the chair. Crack. As his back popped in resentment of the quick movement, LeJeune nearly let out some rather choice words, but decided to bite his tongue instead. 'God I hate that chair, when I get my paycheck I'm buying a new one,' he decided in his mind as he tried to make it out of the office with as much pride as possible. Of course one look at his assistant and LeJeune decided the Nineteen year old intern had no idea of his boss's pain.

LeJeune wandered down the cold sterile hallways that smelled of bleach as he thought back on past experiments and the vast array of strange staff members that worked at Union. There was Richard Burr whom knew the history of every recorded and not recorded genetic experiment to ever take place. Then there was Meghan McHeiver, Burr's lackey, and the most jumpy women he had ever met. Peg Steiner was the second in command and a scary older woman whom dealt with the legalities of the Lab and normally dealt with making computer simulations. The two leaders of the entire operation were Dr. Hand and the gentle spirited Dr. Sandra Martin. Hand was the one of the hardest bosses he had ever had, but she also seemed to get the job done. Poor Dr. Martin on the other hand was to gentle of a soul to truly force anyone to do what they are told.

A soft click and something that sounded like a horrible wail scattered his thoughts as LeJeune searched out the source of the sound. "NOOOOOO, How DARE someone do this, this inhuman act of cruelty," came another screeching wail.

LeJeune searched the hallway for the source of the sound before spotting the faculty room near by. "O No, looks like 'SHE' found it," LeJeune whispered to himself as he hesitantly looked around the doorway and into the break room. Inside was a young woman with mid-length curly black hair and a look of utter defeat on her face. Her look of horror seemed to be caused by the large shiny coffee maker that now sported a huge dent in the side of the mirror-like surface.

"Cedric, What are you doing?" came an amused voice from behind, causing the crouching doctor to shoot up and turn quickly around. Standing before him was an older gentlemen with short brown hair with a few stray grey hairs. He was wearing a long white lab coat and a white polo shirt with a silver nametag over his heart that read 'R. Burr'. His visage seemed to be held in a constant lazy smile that reminded LeJeune of a sly fox that knew something you did not.

"Good morning Richard and it seems your assistant has gone quite insane. I'm afraid I may have broken the coffee machine last night while working overtime," LeJeune replied with a fearful backward glance at the staffroom.

Burr's jubilant façade suddenly dropped to one of horror as he asked," You, you mean to tell me that Meghan has no coffee, o god it's a pandemic. Come Cedric let's go to the coffee house down the road and gather some coffee for the staff meeting this afternoon."

Cedric nodded quickly in agreement before the two of them began to head down the hallway to the exit of the labs. Of course another groan from the faculty room sent them away at a slightly quicker pace.

Meghan was simply an eccentric woman that was normally friendly towards her fellow co workers. Though a Meghan without coffee was like a fight with the devil, not a snowballs chance in hell of walking away with even a shred of sanity.

The walk to the coffee house was short a relatively eventless, both scientist were quite as they thought of how close they were to finishing of the last experiments for the project they were working on. There were only a few more tests left, one of which was going to happen that very night.

Now caring a cardboard holder of the great steaming elixir of life with them, Dr. Burr and Cedric left the coffee house in happy caffeine induced giddiness. Although this time a pair of beggars were standing at the corner of the small coffee house as they swayed back an forth like drunks as the slurred out in horribly out of pitch singing tones," Patience is a virtue, OOOOHHH patience is a virtue, but ya got TOOOOO much patience you'll burn your pancakes!" The horrible singers were both girls, one black with dark brown eyes and the other was white with blue eyes.

The two doctors eyed them suspiciously as they walked by in the best sneaky manor one could do while carrying four large cups of scolding hot liquid. Of course the poor duo did not manage to escape unseen and the two beggars followed after them in a slow swaying manor as they started a new song that went something like," The world is full of beautiful things, OOOhh!"

The scientists picked up their speed to an almost coffee-spill danger level, but luckily they where saved as a man on the other side of the street walked by. He was keeping an extremely slow place, causing his large black pants to flow behind him like a cape, catching the beggars attention easily with their limited attention span. The two girls chased after the boy and he suddenly took off at a much quicker pace as he screamed crazily. The girls insane singing following in their path," One of these things is not like the other hmmhmm."