Looking for Love

I'm looking for love-

Do you know where I can find it?

Stuck in a tantalizing game

Of hide-and-go-seek,

I search high and low,

But I do not find it.

I give it time to hide

As I count to ten,

But it is not ready to be found yet,

And so I count to ten once more,

But still it is not ready.

And so I count

And I count

Until I am fed up,

"Alright, Love,

I'm coming for you-


I search each nook

And every cranny

Until love darts past me,

Making a run for it,

Escaping my outstretched hands

And laughing at my attempts

Of grasping hold of it,

It comes to a stop,


When it reaches

The arms of another-

A place I cannot go,

A place where I am not wanted.

Left alone with Misery,


And Loneliness,

I turn towards the heavens

And shout,

"I'm looking for Love,

Will you tell me where I can find it?"

Misery laughs,

As Melancholy smirks,

A white crescent of deception,

And Loneliness remarks,

"You'll never find love.

Give up now."

All three cackle,

As they point at me

And scorn me

As if they know me.

But I know the truth-

That Love is hidden everywhere,

And when it is ready,

It will poke out its head

And laugh artfully,


"Why the fuss?

I've been here all along!

You weren't ready for me,

And so you could not catch me.

But I've been waiting,

And now,

Here I am,

Ready for you."

Now, having been proven wrong,


Melancholy and


Kick at small pebbles,

Distraught that their fun

Is now over.

And in a line,

They walk on home,

Disappearing into the horizon,

As I wave to their backs

And shout,

"I found Love,

It was with me all along!"