My Life Is A Book In Waiting

From a bathroom sized home

To an underground semi-mini studio in America

From waking up to rats running on top of you

To a future you can't live yet

From the roaches that woke you up in the morning

To a life, you won't let you lead

From running from gun shots in the park

To a mindset bent on nothing but success

From the smell of piss when you first enter your home

To a world that you can't have without your dues

A universe of tribulations

A world of pain

A planet of disgust

A nation of hate

A city of obstacles

A life turned against you

A soul that won't quit

To the grin from the feeling of security

Then to the sigh of relief

And then to option to jog a mile

That is, without seeing or hearing about a death

I just want to tell my story.