Spoken Words

It's the words I see that make me go wild

Already thinking of you bearing my child

Words seen and spoken from those beautiful lips

Maybe one day, a taste from a kiss

Could have been soft and slow

Went faster and faster and not slowing down

Whether it would lead somewhere

Or if the voice in my head would make me stop

But I think it would tell me to progress

It's the words you used that made me say yes

The words I saw come from your lips

Some of them shattering, others with a smile

Yet all the while, thine heart would pile

Your words and lips, your words and lips

I can't believe I can't stop thinking of this

But it is nothing I wish to stop

Pleasure in my mind and tangles in my heart

It's those lips, and words, the things I have heard

Had me dazed and stunned by your spoken words