Magsnam: intro

Hi, I know that you might have seen this story before written by a different author, but its still me, I just had to switch accounts due to bad memory and sucky computers, so sorry!!!!! But this is improved from the last version of this, thanx!!!!!

It all started on my sixth birthday. I had gotten up expecting everything to be normal, not to mention fun, but it ended up being totally different.

I had gone out of my room to look for Mico, my twin sister, because she wasn't in bed like she usually would be at this hour of the day. I opened the bedroom door to find my mother sitting down at the table, her face covered by her arms and the long wisps of chestnut brown hair.

I looked at her for a second wondering what was wrong before plastering a large smile on my face. " Hey mom! Why are you lying down...? Are you asleep?"

My voice seemed to awaken her and she looked down at me, " Of course not, I was just resting. Speaking of rest, why are you up so early, it's your birthday, you're supposed to be sleeping?" She smiled as big as she could with a reassuring look, but the large droplets that clouded her eyes told a different story.

Suddenly there was a loud banging on the front door, sounding almost like there was some sort of metal hitting it ruefully. " Mommy," I said to her quietly, "what's that sound?"

I looked up at her, hoping for reassurement. Unfortunately, only a sheet white face was looking back. I had never seen my mother like this before, and it scared me to death. She had always been so brave, never willing to betray what she was feeling to anyone. She'd never cry when we were around, and would always be sure not to lose her temper. I loved her, and seeing her like this broke my heart.

My thoughts were broken into by the continued banging, and soon after that by the yells of my father, muffled by the thick oak of the door. I wanting to speak, to scream, to do something, but my body wouldn't comply, even as I watched my life being changed in front of me. Even as I felt the strong Pacino soldier's hand grabbed my forearm and dragged me away from my two angered parents. All I could do was sit there as I watched the images play over in my head as the two figures of my mother bending over my father grew smaller and smaller as they faded into the distance and away.

I took a couple of minutes, which were like hours to me, before I finally began to become aware of the world around me and looked up at my captor. Like all Pacino soldiers she was female, and carried a long spear, which was probably what she had used to bang on the door.

She was currently leading me to what I realized was another soldier who was holding my sister. To see that she was all right lightened what seemed like 1000 pounds off of my heart. As soon as she saw me I could see in her face that I had done the same thing to her as she had for me.

" Michelle!" She called out to me, waving her free hand, " I'm so glad that you're here!"

Here. Why were we here? Why were they here? As far as I know all of the Pacino stayed out of our land, and in return, we stayed out of theirs. Then why were they here now? And where were they taking us? Millions and millions of questions filled my brain, and suddenly I felt faint as the last one popped into my head.

Would I ever be back?

The two soldiers had brought Mico and me to the Pacino Castle, which was on the outskirts of our town. Once we were there they had signed us in, changing our names so that they would not stand out, or be recognized by anybody who might have known us. Luckily, the Pacino had dubbed my name common enough to be kept, and did not mess with it. Mico wasn't nearly so lucky…. But I suppose it could've been worse. I mean, at least the kept the first letter. She was now Meiran, which was a fairly common name in Magsnam, the land that we lived in.

After our names and 'registration' were taken care of, we were shown to our rooms be a short soldier who refused to say a single word. Not like we even bothered trying in the first place. We were too tired and confused to ask any questions. We were still walking over an hour later, about half an hour away from where poor Mico, now Meiran, had been left all alone. Except our numbers were dwindling and I was one of the five left to be roomed when the guard finally motioned me forward and unlocked the door before shoving me in and locking it after me.

The guard's ruthless shove had pinned me onto the bed, but I didn't care. All I wanted to do was sleep. Where there would be dreams. Dreams where none of this had happened…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next day I was gathered along with around ten other girls into a small room, which looked like part of some-ones, a high ranked soldier's probably, quarters. I the front of the room sat a tall Pacino, her black hair in a long braid that fell almost to her waist, but I wasn't focusing on her, instead, I was trying to find my long lost sister, but I had to stop when the women began to speak.

" Welcome children," she said, her voice calm and melodious, "To the Pacino training school. It has always been the custom to, once every seven years, collects from Shamu (the town that I was from) all the young girls capable of being trained for our army. I know that some of you were taken from your houses by force, but that was not at all intended. This treaty has been here for years and will always be."

The women then sighed, seeing the looks on our faces, the fear in our eyes, " We did not wrong you in any ways children, that at least you must understand. You must believe. If we wished to hurt or maim you, we would've done so by now. Do not think us evil because of our ways, because we are different then you. Our beliefs may be different, but our souls are no worse.

" So! Now that that is cleared up, back to the training. In the next few years you will learn all the essentials about fighting with both ranged and melee…"

And so that's how it went. Every day we'd wake up early to a long day of physical training. It started out tedious, but soon became easier. Fun even. I could beat almost everyone in the class, and could even hold my own against a couple of the instructors. Altogether things went smoothly and evenly, and the best thing was-there was not enough time to be homesick barely any. So it was nice, well until THEN.

It was almost three whole years after my arrival at the academy, and by then I was at the top of my class. That night I had gone to my room, as always and was about to change into my nightclothes, when I had heard something in my room with me.

" Who's there?" I had called out in the most threatening voice. I was answered by the sound of feet landing right behind me. I froze, not knowing what might happened if I dared move.

But the being did not attack, and instead talked to me in a calm and, surprisingly, calm voice. " Do not be scared child, I mean you no harm."

" If you did not mean me harm then why didn't you just come in normally, instead of sneaking into my room?" I replied coldly with all the egoism of the average eight-year-old. And saying that I turned around to face her, and watched as her head lowered.

" I could not let them know I was here." She said quietly.

I stared at her distrustingly, " Let who know? The guards? What evil have you done to make even THEM hate you?"

I expected her to admit herself in shame or something of the such, but instead, all I got was a scoff. " What evil have I done?! What evil have THEY done more like! What lies have they told you this time kid."

I stared at her, amazed at how easily she spoke up against them, and at the same time wondering what her words meant. Wondering if they could possibly be true. What do you mean lies. What lies COULD they be telling us, and why in the heck would they bother tryin-"

I was cut off suddenly by a large resounding crash outside. " Hurry," she yelled after me, " We must go before it is too late." Grabbing my hand she rushed off, pulling a dazed me behind her. We ran out of my door (so much for not being seen) and through corridor after corridor until I was lost beyond anything I could think of. We ran and ran until finally we burst through a large door and onto what I recognized to be the balcony, but when I tried to keep running forward I was stopped by the recently realized teenage girl's hand.

" Wha-" I started but she cut me off by a wave of her wrist. I looked up at her, and saw that, even in the dark of night, her face was as pale as my mother's had been that day. She sat there for a second watching what ever she had seen before a large burst of flame, much to close for comfort, brought her back to her senses and she jumped to life. She began running to the stairs on the edge of the balcony, but before going to far she turned back to me, her expression desperate, " I must go now!! But I beg of you, for your own safety, stay here!" She looked like she was about to go again before turning one last time and calling out, " And if I don't come back, go to the, lowest level of the castle and tell the people down there that Colm sent you!"

And with that she was gone. I stood there for a second, confused before I finally was back to the world. Remembering I rushed to the edge of the balcony to see what had gotten her so worked up, and saw something worse than even the greatest of my nightmares.

" No…" I whispered shaking my head in disbelief as I saw each and every inhabitant of my town cut down murderously, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"

I could see Colm fighting, her red uniform standing out among all of the average Pacino black ones. But one person is not strong enough. Only a God could have stooped this slaughter. Tears rushing down my face, I turned and ran; only knowing one thing. I had to get away.

I ran and I ran, until I saw in front of me a large spiral staircase heading down far underground. " Go to the lowest level," I murmured to myself, and bolted down them. When I got to the bottom there was… nothing. But that wouldn't stop me, I had to go somewhere, I had to get help. Help that I now knew would not be coming from the Pacino. At the end of the hallway I was about to scream in defeat when I heard something.

" Hello," I murmured, the best I could through large whimper, " Is anyone here? Colm told me to come, she said I should come here."

There was no answer but I felt the pull of a hand on my arm dragging me into what I was sure had been a wall. I looked up at the large cavern I was in, and then at the person who had dragged me in. It was Colm; she had somehow gotten here before me.

She looked at me seriously before speaking, " Now do you believe me."

I looked down, my head bowed in shame. " Yes."

She looked me over again, " Then are you willing to fight with us?"

I just sat there for a second, digesting all I had seen, and considering my choices before raising my head and looking her straight in the eye. " I am."