Life and death,

Hand in hand,

No regrets,

In this land.

I face the sky,

Tears in my eyes,

Saw my life,

Flash before it died.

Memories spin,

A weave of fate,

Of drowned dreams,

Of worthless hate.

How did I miss,

My purpose in life?

Why was I born,

If only to die?

Why didn't I accept,

The lord when he called?

Why can't I now,

As my broken body falls?

What was that joy,

That filled my heart?

What was that pain,

That never seemed to depart?

Why can't I cry,

Even though I'm still sad?

Why did I only start now,

To wonder about my life?

I just don't understand,

Why I feel this way,

Why I now ask these questions,

When they can't be answered anyway…

I guess I'll go to hell,

And burn forever more,

I wish I would let him save me,

I wish I would care more.

So now I sit here,

With a knife in my chest,

Asking why,

I thought I deserved the best.

For you see,

Life and death go hand in hand,

For skipping out on death,

Merely means that you cannot live in this land.

If you live as you wish,

You die forevermore,

But why living by rules,

You die only to live much greater than ever before.

Fun is fun,

But only for a while,

You can only live forever,

If your soul is not vile.

Listen to these words,

I say oh please,

These are the words of a dying girl,

So listen to me.