Interfering with the Stars


Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman worked a lot together during the production of the STAR WARS films as "lovers torn apart" in the movies. They became great friends, and some suspected that there was more between them, but nothing was ever shown of it. They were just "close", and they haven't seen each other since the premier of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Betty Harming is another teen girl who's a boy-crazy fan of Hayden Christensen. Her excitement for Natalie Portman isn't that low either. She absolutely fell in love with the STAR WARS films, but the sadness received by her was overwhelming and it convinced her to do something unthinkable and quite daring…

Ch.1—Betty's Closely Conceived Plan

"I've got it," Betty Harming told her girlfriend, Sammy, over the phone.

"Oh boy," Sammy said sarcastically. "What is it this time?"

"No, no, no! This really is a good idea. Trust me," she said.

Sammy rolled her eyes. "Betty, I've trusted you many times," she laughed.

Betty sighed. "I know…but just once more?" she asked timidly.

Sammy laughed again. "Fine, but this is it, okay?"

"Okay," she said. "Come over now and I'll tell you."

She laughed.

"What?" Betty asked.

"I just don't understand why you can't just tell me over the phone," she said.

"But, it's top secret!" she said.

Sammy laughed again. "Oh right…I forgot."


Moments before Sammy arrived, Betty raced down the steps and into the kitchen where her mother was baking cookies.

"Mmmm, something smells good," Betty said.

Her mother smiled. "Chocolate chip cookies usually smell good," she said.

She giggled. "Yeah…"

"So…is Sammy coming over again?" she asked.

"Yep," Betty said confidently. "I have once again, discover, another—"

"Magnificent idea?" Mrs. Harming asked, cutting her off.

Betty smiled. "Yeah…" she said.

Mrs. Harming smiled. "Just don't kill yourself," she said.

Betty smiled again. "I won't," she said, heading up to her room.

"Hey Betty!" her mom called out.

"Yeah?" she asked, stopping mid-way up the staircase.

"Jeff called for you," she said, slyly.

Betty just about fell over. "Jeff?" she asked.

"Yeah, he wants to get together with you tonight," she said, pulling the cookies out of the oven.

Betty came racing downstairs. "And what did you say?" she asked, dramatically stancing herself in the hallway.

Mrs. Harming laughed. "I said that you were busy this afternoon, but you'd give him a call," she said.

Betty whined. "Oh….why did you say that?" she said, dragging her feet up the steps. Then, the door bell rang when she was about half-way and she just about collapsed on the steps in agony.

"Door bell!" Mrs. Harming called out.

"I hear it…" she whined out, stomping slowly down the steps, muttering the whole way. It was Sammy. Betty pulled her in dramatically and pushed her upstairs to her room, slamming the door behind her.

"Cookies!" Mrs. Harming called out.

"Oooo!" Sammy said.

"No…we'll do it later," she said.

"But I love cookies!" she said, standing up.

Betty pushed her down. "Later," she said.

"Girls?" Mrs. Harming asked.

"Later mom!" she said.

"All right. Just come down when you're ready," she said.

"We will," Betty said. "Okay, I have some serious news for you," she told Sammy.

"What is it?" she asked casually.

"This is serious!" Betty said, grabbing Sammy's arms and shaking them.

"Betty, you're never serious! This 'secrets' never work out!" Sammy said, shaking Betty's arms back.

Betty shook her head. "No, there's something else," she said, concerned.

"What?" Sammy asked.

Betty looked at her sincerely. "Jeff asked my mom out…"she whined.

Sammy raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

"I mean, for me…he called and asked me out…to my mom," she said.

"Oh," Sammy said. "Well, that's great!"

Betty sat on her bed, shaking her head continually. "No, it's not," she said.

"And why not?" Sammy asked.

"Don't you see," she said, looking at her. "My plan can finally activate!"

Sammy shook her head. "Your plan is never going to activate," she said, sadly going up to look out through the blinds of Betty's bedroom window.

Betty pulled out a piece of paper from her dresser drawer and held it up. "But I got the letter," she said.

Sammy turned around. She saw the letter and took in her hands swiftly, skimming over it. She looked up overjoyed, and hugged Betty. "Oh my gosh, you did it!" she said.

"I know! I know!" she said, jumping up and down in excitement.

Sammy sat back on the bed after dramatic jumping around had ceased, and she sighed. "You know, I didn't think you could ever get through with any of this, but this is definitely a sign," she said.

Betty sat down and sighed. "Yeah. I told you I would!" she said, hitting her lightly.

"Yeah, sorry about that," she said. "So…read it!" she said, excited.

Betty inhaled & exhaled for a while slowly, but then she took up the letter and began to read…

"Dear Betty Harming,

Thank-you for writing me a letter. I get letters from young girls everyday, but I am always happy to receive them and will look forward to any more you have to send. My favorite color is red, in answer to your question. And I am not sure if I like Canada or the United States better, I still have to decide. I'm glad you enjoyed the STAR WARS films so much. They were very enjoyable for me to partake in. No, I haven't seen Natalie Portman since the premier of Episode III, but if I do…I will tell her that you say hello, if I remember. No, I don't have a girlfriend, but don't get any weird ideas. I really don't have time for one, because of the rush of new movies being made. I appreciate your picture and hopefully I won't lose it. I have sent you mine with this letter, but unfortunately I have not signed it. I am sorry about that, but if you send me another letter I will be sure to send you a picture with my signature. Good luck with your schooling. High school was some of the greatest years of my life. Enjoy it and take care.


Hayden Christensen" Betty read.


A/N: I do NOT actually know if red if Hayden Christensen's favorite color or anything. I'm basically being spontaneous for personal things about him, so…yeah. Hope you don't hate that too much.


Both girls screamed.

"Oh my gosh! Can you believe that?!?" Betty screamed.

"No! Oh my gosh! I can't!" she said. "It sounds so personal. It's like not formal at all practically!"

"I know…I know," Betty said. "I can't believe he answered my color question!!!" she screeched.

They both screamed again.

"Are you girls all right?" Mrs. Harming asked.

"Yeah! We're fine!" the girls called back. Then, they hugged.

"We're going to do it," Sammy said. "We're going to get them together."

"I know! But this is my idea, so…" she started.

"Oh yeah, you totally get the credit, but I'm tagging along," Sammy said.

"Totally!" Betty said. They screamed again, and hugged. Then, the phone rang. "Hello?" Betty asked, trying to remain calm. "Uhuh…uhuh…uhuh…mmhmmm, kay, bye!" she said.

"Who was it?" Sammy asked.

Betty smiled wickedly.

Sammy hit her. "BETTY!!!"


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