a place to belong

she could write about everything and anything
that makes her feel sad (depressed, broken,
empty, & lonely) but it still doesn't take away
the fact that she wants to know what it's like
to truly feel again (when blade doesn't meet
skin in order to make everything better again).

she could hope, wish and pray but then realize
that things don't happen unless it was meant
to happen (or someone takes action) and she's
tried what she thought was best and now she's
trying again to make everything better (because
just the other day, she felt like she finally found
a place where she could be herself without having
to hide the pain dragged across her arms/wrists).

and she knows that if she had never moved away,
none of this would have ever happened and she
wouldn't want anything else than to just forget
everything (that has caused her to bleed.)


author's note: i don't care for the title but i like the piece. review & tell me what you think, please.