A song that I thought up after reading a song by Greenhell. It's sad and depressing, but explains how I tend to get sometimes….

Verse I

Why can't I seem to find the way out?

Why can't I seem to escape this doubt,

Why can't I trust in you my friend.

I lied to you again.

I said it was alright again.

I died again.

The tears are falling,

They don't stop falling,

Oh Lord please help me!


The lies,

They hurt me.

The Truth,

It tears me.

Oh Lord Please save me,

I need you Now!!!!!

Oh friend I need you now….

Verse II

Now I stare out, out the window.

Wishing I could call you,

Wishing I could tell the truth,

And it hurts.

It hurts so bad.

But still I can't seem to find the courage,

Wonderful courage.

To tell you

chorus sing


I need you!

But I run away from the truth,

I want you,

I want you to know,

The pain it hurts me,

The blood that stains my heart,

You can save me!

Can you save me?!

Music Break-around 16 measures

chorus 2X

Thank you for reading, and I hope you like it, but I can't show you the music so it might look just a little weird written like this. Oh well, and NO just in case your wondering, the friend is not the Lord. When I said friend I meant a normal friend…ore like my best friend. And once again thanx Greenhell, I couldn't have done this without you!