-written on October 20, 2006-


This house was way too big. That was the conclusion Tarren came to as he became lost, after fleeing from the party however long ago. He could not say if he was now above or below the ballroom. It would not surprise him at this point if he had moved into a different house altogether, connected perhaps by a corridor or something more insidious.

A faint melody was coming from a partially opened door up ahead. Tarren paused, gluing himself unconsciously to the wall. Who would be about, when there was a party going on? He had been under the impression that only the three of them lived in this obscenely large house, and he'd seen all three of them at the party. True, one of them had disappeared after the amusing intermission—

Tarren watched furtively from behind Lani as Aisling and Zahra, dressed only in overalls, performed a bluegrass song in the middle of a waltz—

Allowing his curiosity to overrule his caution, Tarren inched forward along the wall. After a moment he abruptly recognized Morrissey's voice in the song, and the distinctive sound of The Smiths. Even more curious than before, he poked his head around the doorframe, completely unprepared for the sight that met him.