The Darkness

The darkness consumes all of me,
The very aspect of my being,
Seems to dissipate before my eyes,
Leaving me a cursed empty shell.

I tell myself that I haven't changed,
That I'm still the me I ever was,
But now I begin to realize that I'm in fact dyeing,
Dying fighting back the fear.

The light is fading as we speak,
The darkness grows like a weed,
This combines with paranoia,
Making my life force sink.

I've become too weak,
I've become too broken,
I might lose all my friends,
Even the one I love the most.

I'm starting to lose it,
Even as I'm writing,
Thoughts come to me,
I have no choice but to listen as they speak.

The lies they tell me,
The lies they say,
It's driving me insane,
Driving me to think.

There lives aren't true,
They are lies after all,
But I am too weak,
And now the lies are getting the best of me.

I should be here,
I should be at home,
Everything's in danger,
Maybe I should run.

Alas I am stuck here,
Nowhere to go,
I don't know if I can last this long,
The pain is becoming too great.

My salvation is in this paper,
The door is in this pencil,
I hope that it will last,
Praying that I will hold.

My God find compassion to help this soul,
Hopefully He can see me,
Wanting not to lose the ones I love,
Wanting not to be alone once again.