The Sea

Following the ocean to somewhere new,

The waves are believing to fly,

Hoping that time will bring me to you,

I believed the sea wouldn't lie.

If you were falling down,

And I could catch your tears,

I wouldn't let you hit the ground,

To face all of your fears.

This world is beginning to drown,

No one's killing the sky,

And if the sea took your crown,

I'd take your hand and fly.

And if I followed the ocean's tears,

I'd see if you stayed a flown,

Then to watch the sea drown your fears,

I'm happy you're not alone.

This is for my best friend Sara, and it may not have made a lot of sense, but it's kind of about how the world is ending and how I'm trying to save Sara...And check out her work at Poemkitten7, she's an amazing poet!