A Senior's Guide to College…Or Something Like It

Author's Note-I'm back with a new story, and I really like this idea so I'm definitely going to complete it this time! ((well if yall like the idea to, that is)) I figured I would write a short first chapter first and have yall tell me what you think before I kept going so please let me know what you think! ) This story is not like the other ones I've written because it is told from a teenage girl's perspective, meaning less imagery and more sarcasm. ;) I also added a bit more to this chapter so please let me know what you think.

Chapter 1-Middle of Nowhere Texas

June 21.

Hey There Sis,

I'm going to be completely honest-when mom first suggested that I keep a journal during my senior year "so that you will know how to prepare for college," I thought she was out of her mind. After all, they will teach you the basic college prep stuff in high school so what would you need this for? I guess what mom really meant is that she does not want her second child to make the same mistakes that her first is guaranteed to make. I finally came around to the idea because a) mom wouldn't stop bugging me about it and b) I need something to cure my constant boredom from being in the middle of nowhere.

So here it is, Chloe-your personal guide to college and surviving senior year. Enjoy.

Love Always,


"Emma Renée Stiles!" I heard mom yell just as I finished my first entry in Chloe's new survival guide.

"…Yeah?" I had to climb over the piles of boxes whose permanent resting place has become the stairs to reach my mother. That's what happens when your dad suddenly decides to leave your family and your mom decides to move you and all of your stuff to middle of nowhere, Texas less than a week later.

"Have you picked up your summer reading list from the school yet?" I rolled my eyes. I've never had required summer reading before, and I was sure I wouldn't like it. At my old school, we were told to read a book of our choice during the summer. On the first day of school, we were required to write an essay about the novel we read which resulted in about 500 essays about the latest Harry Potter. But here I would probably be forced to read something along the lines of "Herding 101" or "How to Pick the Right Horse Breed." How exciting.

"No, Mom. I'll go get it now." I grabbed the car keys and ran outside into the 100 degree weather.

Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic I thought as I turned on the much needed air conditioner, Sure, the weather in Plano makes it practically impossible for me to do anything but burn, and it looks nothing like Chicago, but it's not exactly a ranch either. Plus, mom really wants us to like it here. Maybe if I try hard enough, I will be able to survive in the suburbs.

I turned on Independence and was greeted by the sign Plano Senior High School-Home of the Wildcats written in dark maroon. The school was huge. It looked like a mini college campus, with 5 buildings surrounded by a fountain in the center. It was much bigger than my school in Chicago, which was a single two-story building.

"May I help you?" The receptionist in the office building was dressed completely in maroon, including earrings and three bracelets. Talk about school spirit.

"Yeah, I just moved here and I'm going to Plano next year so I'd like to pick up a reading list."

"Sure! No Problem! What grade and subject?" She was practically jumping up and down. I guess people didn't come around here often in the summer?

"AP English 4." It was the only AP class that I didn't mind taking because I loved everything about English. Sure, I wasn't into required reading, but I heard AP English 4 focused on the best literature around the world, which meant there was a ninety percent chance of us reading Shakespeare, and I am absolutely in love with Shakespeare.

"So you're a smart one, huh?" the receptionist broke me away from my dreams of a love affair with Shakespeare.

"I like English, if that's what you mean." I smiled. I felt kind of bad for the receptionist, having to sit here all summer with no one to talk to.

"Well, then you will enjoy all of that summer reading!" All of that summer reading?! I looked down at the list, and sure enough, we were required to read at least three books off the list, all of which were considered classics. The books on the list seemed interesting enough, but I was not excited to have to read them all, plus finish the assignments, in a little more than a month. School here started at the beginning of August (which by the way, was ridiculous), and it was already the end of June.

"I guess I will." I offered the receptionist a weak smile, "I guess I better go get started."

I ran towards the front door, panicked by my enormous workload.

"Woooahh. Slow Down!" he grinned at me as I opened the door. He was tall with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to run into you." I smiled. He had an amazing smile. He was exactly what I needed.