A burning match falls to your wrist,
it doesn't move.
As it burns away at your flesh,
you sit there, your mind numbed out.
The match goes out,
a black burn forms a scar.
But you do not stitch it.

Tears fall from your eyes like cyanide.
It curses your face,
you look at yourself;
You know who you are.
You know what you're doing.
But, do you care?

Lashing tongues whip.
It poisons your mouth,
you listen to yourself;
You know what you're saying.
You know what you're doing.
And, still, you dont care.

You're breaking your own heart.
You're eating your own own heart out.
You're killing yourself.
But you still dont know why.

Affection cannot be earned.
To hurt thyself will not create love,
the angels will not seek you;
it only causes strife to yourself.

You're fighting with yourself,
a battle that cannot be won.
You shoot yourself down,
beat yourself up,
stab yourself with your very own knives...

Can't you see, My Child,
you have love.
It's all around you.

But it is not in yourself.