Dear Love
Will this be our last encounter
A simple letter to you
And then I come unglued
Dear love, why don't you write back?
I put the words down on paper
And yet you don't reply
And I will never know why
I ask you such questions
I can't answer myself
Just how are you?
And when will we wilt?
Are we dead, and are we gone?
Or will we last for much more long?
Dear love, when will this letter birth another?
I miss you, I love you
Like no other
Is there someone else you write to
When the long days make you blue
Does my address escape you
So you write to them instead
And you tell them all that comes to mind
Do you sign that letter "love"?
Please let that be an image untrue
But I am still so very loyal to you
Dear love
I love you.