Breaking Promises

I remember promising to you that I would never change,

I guess I've gone back on my word without noticing though,

Because when you see me, you look at me strange,

How I've transformed, I myself don't even know.

I remember promising to you that I would always stay by your side,

Even when the times got rough and everyone else left you,

Looking back I can tell I was a total phony because I lied,

And now when I say something you know it's anything but true.

I remember promising to you that I would wipe away all of your tears,

But I was never a reliable person as you should have been able to tell,

So you were the one who had clean your own face and fight your own fears,

And you picked yourself up from the ground while I watched as you fell.

I remember promising to you that I would make it through the end,

That giving up was only for the weak-minded foolish abusers.

But now you are realizing that this show I put on is all pretend,

I just laugh when you tell me I'm turning into one of those losers.

I remember promising to you that I wouldn't even hurt a fly.

And you smiled ever-so-happily because you believed me,

But here today you watch me on the floor as I die,

None of my promises were kept as you can now see.

A/N: I was trying to write a happy poem because I felt like I hadn't written one in a really long time, and all of a sudden I end up writing this. (sigh) I'm doomed. Hehe. :) Please review my lovely readers. Oh yeah, and if you didn't notice, in the end, the narrator kills her/himself so that's how s/he breaks his/her very last promise.