Thank you for all those words of wisdom
You made me feel like I was someone
Now throw me away like yesterday's news
But you don't

Hey I was asking for your name and that alone
So what's with the life story over the phone
Now make me feel like I can be used
But you don't

When you said you'd always hug me
I thought you'd always love me
Now make me feel ugly
But you don't

Am I ignoring you so I can adore you
Because I can't know what's true
Now go ahead and hate me
But you don't

You're my lifesaver and I know I waver
But in my hands you see I quaver
Now you want me gone already
But you don't

I asked you for a million trillion things
Like light kisses and fake diamond rings
Now make me feel so unsteady
But you don't

I begged for the end of the world
Because I'm such a drama girl
Now make my wish come true
But you don't

I asked for your hand as I decided to stand
Because I can't get up from here on my own
Now take my hand and help me
And you do