Come away with me,

You whisper, grabbing my hand,

Whisking me away.

And off we disappear into the

November woods,

Surrounded by the pines,

Completely covered by early snow.

Into a magical fairy land

Is where you take me.

Here, you tell me, is where we'll stay.

Here in the woods is where we'll live.

Here is where we'll always be,


You pick me up,

And spin me 'round.

The wind saunters through

The tall green trees,

Brushing the fluff off of

The tiny leaves.

And it falls on my face,

Like sprinkles, like a shower of magic dust.

You blow it off of my face,

Murmuring to me,

See? See how amazing it is?

You take my hand, and lifting it up,

Your hand and mine stroke

The tree trunk.

It is magic,

Yes, as always, you are right.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

Your voice is so soft,

It is like the whispering breeze

That is blowing through here.

So like a fairy tale,

With your arms around me,

Your voice is a whisper in my ear.

And together, among the trees,

The snowy breeze seems to say something to me.

Come, come, come away to me.

Inspired by November Woods, a composition by Arnold Bax